Saturday, November 22, 2008


Knicks what are you guys doing?? Honestly what you are doing is really really messed up, like for real. We know he isnt a winner and is a ME first point guard, we know he has never ever lived up to his hype...EVER! We know that, we know he shouldnt have left KG in Minny because he wanted to "be the man", we know that. We know his testimony caused you guys to lose the sexual harassment case, because he fabricated the story a little bit, we know that. We know he asked to go work out with his high school team, "to get his reps in", we know this. But what I dont know is why you are going to keep a cancer on your team and pay him $21 million dollars? Why? Just get rid of him, chalk up your losses and move on, he will never get paid like this again and we know this, but you are making him a martyr in what you are doing and making yourself look foolish in the process(if thats at all possible, I mean you are the Knicks). So let him go like a scorned ex lover, you are better off without him and the next one that comes along will be way better. So Knicks trade Steph because the NBA fans are giving him a little sympathy and he definitely doesnt deserve that.

PJ Fired !!!!!!!

If tis surprises anyone they dont know shit about basketball. PJ Carlisemo has never ever been an NBA coach, he still thinks its 89 and he can treat players like shit and get away with it, note to PJ these players make more than you so you have to give them the respect they deserve no matter if you have been coaching longer than they all have been living. So like I said it was only a matter of time, the NBA needs to realize this isnt college and just because you were the Asst Coach on a Championship team doesnt mean you are a good fit for the job. Even though his boy Sam Presti got the job as President of the Thunder he had to let his boy loose. Well PJ you were 24-96 and off to a great 1-12 start this season, so it was only a matter of time.

The Knicks Are Cleaning House For 2010

The Knicks are getting rid of the over paid and underachieving people on their roster, they made a trade yesterday for expiring contracts(Tim Thomas and Cuttino Mobley)and got rid of over priced payouts(Jamal Crawford and Zach Randolph). The Clippers might have gotten the better deal, but the Knicks didnt stop there because they picked up Al Harrington(another cry baby) when they traded Jamal Crawford to the Warriors. Tat is basically a ploy to tell the big time FA's for the class of 2010(mainly LeBron) to come resurrect the Knicks and lead them to the promise land. Can you imagine all of the celebrities sans Spike Lee and Seinfield that will be sitting first row if the God goes to the Knicks in '10? WWJD(What Will Jay-Z Do), he owns a piece of the Nets, but his boy is playing in the Garden while his lowly Nets are playing the Bobcats? Thats tough and I wonder if he will try and buy stake in the Knicks. After these trades the Knicks are freeing up to $30 million by the time 2010 rolls around, that means LeBron will get $20-$25 mil per season and its NY and the owners are rich, so that could entice CB4(Cris Bosh) to head a couple hours south to join him as well, or D Wade. Can you imagine? We shall see.

Vince Carter Had His 1 Good Game For The Season

I give it to Vince Carter, now only if he could play in T-Dot and hear all the boos all the time he might become the player he once was. Never has a man ever had that much athleticism in the NBA, I'm not talking about skills or strength I am talking about an athlete in its purest form, thats what Vince Carter was, until he went to his college graduation. That signified the beginning of the end for him and his career. You dont go to your graduation (which wasnt for is class I might add)on Game 7 of the Eastern Conf Finals. Then when he got traded to NJ he hasnt been the same ol Vince, until last night, can you please tell me who wins te game on a reverse dunk from an out of bounds play???? Vince does, thats why people get so upset with him, he will do some amazing things in a game that makes you say wow this guy is unbelievable, but the other times you wont find Vince for 20-25 games. So hopefully Vince you will keep this up and you wont need the motivation of your old team and fans booing you to play like you are worth what you get paid.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

D Wade Is Back. Believe That!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D Wade I owe you an apology I really do, I let the haters sway my judgement about you and how cold you were. I knew that the 06 'Chip wasnt a fluke because of how you killed your first year in Miami before Shaq came. I mean I honestly thought you were done after your last saeason and injury(I mean you needed a wheelchair to get off the court vs the Rockets with a dislocated shoulder, I know it hurts but come on). After what I saw at the Olympics I kinda believed but i thought with the plethora of talent on that team you had an advantage the whole time. But after what you avg last week(29 5 5)and your last game (40 11asst 7)its official G, you are back. I will never doubt your G'ness again since you are a G from the Southside of the Chi. I see you exercised the 5 P's this summer(Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance). Forks

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chris Bosh Owns Dwight Howard

40 and 18, thats what Chris Bosh dropped on "Superman" the other night, while "Superman" could only muster up a meager 18 and 9. Last year they played Bosh dropped 39 on Dwight, now these 2 guys were Olympic teammates and Dwight started over Bosh, I have no idea why because it seems that Bosh has his number. Now I am a huge huge Dwight Howard fan and wasnt a fan of Bosh until a couple of years ago because he didnt seem to impress me that much in college, now I am starting to see that this kid is way better than advertised. Hopefully he will become a Laker.

Wait!!! Greg Oden Had A Coming Out Party???????

OMG OMG people people Greg Oden ad a stat line 22 11 and 5 and no it wasnt in NBA 2K9, it was in real life. I thought it was a misprint, but when I saw the highlights I saw it was true. Wow Greg Im so glad you arent a stiff, you can somewhat play. Good now if you do this 2 more times it will be called a streak, but please someone call me when he puts up Dwight Howard or Chris Bosh numbers.

Mark Cuban Accused Of Insider Trading

Who cares??? He is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay richer than Martha Stewart he will get off Scott Free. What I dont understand is that why a multi billionaire would give a shit about $600,000? I mean we all know that the Mavs are garbage and you are paying a over the hill HOF pg $21mil for this year and the next, so you are telling me you cant afford to lose $600,000 more?? I dont understand it, but like I said he is ok, NOTHING will happen to him and David Stern will try to suspend him but that wont work, the name of his team suits his personality best, a Maverick.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Shaq Wants To Be A Laker Again, Blames Feud With Kobe On Phil

Way to go Shaq, I see you are trying to end you career as a Laker and I applaud you for that, but dont air out your dirty laundry. I know the Zen Master was using your rift with Kobe as motivation for both of you drama queens, but if you need a feud with a pre pubescent NBAer to get motivated you should give all of your paychecks back. I love Shaq, to me he is the best center/player to ever lace them up. Now with that being said wouldnt it be great if Shaq does go back to the Lakers and Kobe hasnt won a ring yet, and when he arrives they win it all that season. That would be a perfect storybook ending for Shaq and would eat at Kobe for the rest of his career to show him that he couldnt win without the big fella. Kobe is lame and Shaq is the reason the Lakers won all of thoes championships in the early 2k.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Devin Harris????????? Is Killin'

Um ok, wow. So let me start this off by saying Im not a hater I give respect where its due, and Devin Harris gets it today. He has scored 63 points on 2 nights in a home at home series vs the Atlanta Hawks. Last night he had 33 and was acting like he was playing in a pick up game because the Nets just destroyed the Hawks. I didnt know Devin Harris would kill like this and I am sure Rick Carlisle wouldve let him play like this but under Avery Johnson I'm sure his hands were tied. So I know Mark Cuban is pissed right now he traded a 24 year old amazingly athletic 6'5'' pg with his future ahead of him, for a 35 year old Hall of Fame no jumpshot having triple double machine pg with his best times behind him. Kidd will be gone in 2 years(tops) and Harris will be an All Star if he keeps this up. Great job Cuban you really know how to run a team, didnt you fire Don Nelson and make his son GM? Great job Cuban thats why your Mavs wont make the playoffs.

The Best Player On The Sixers Isnt Brand or Iguodala

His name is Thaddeus Young and he is a 1 and done 2nd year player from Georgia Tech. Now, I know none of you "NBA fans" have ever heard of him because his name isnt Kobe, T-Mac, or LeBron, but this guy is going to be a monster when it is all said and done. He is the 1st option in their offense and for good reason, he has a good range on his jumper and can score in the lane. He is 6'8'' and 220lbs, and he is left handed(for those of you say why does that matter, the NBA is a right handed game)which is sometime tricky for defenses. All I have to say is that Thaddeus Young is going to be a max(contract) player when its all said and done.

Someone Told BD The Clippers Would Be Good!!!!!!

Boy were they wrong. Man I feel bad for BD because he has always had a bum rap for being a cancer or selfish or faking it. I can finally say he has never been on a team that is really worth a damn. And with that run in 07 vs the sorry ass Mavs helped him re-boost his career, he now finds himself in a spot where $70 million dollars will only do so much for your basketball saneness. BD is rich we all know that, but in the NBA world he still lives on 85th and Manchester in South Central LA. The Clippers are a team full of wasted talent and the blvd of broken dreams. I mean any team that has Tim Thomas in its rotation is not going to be good. So once again BD will have a great year but no one will care because he is on the sorry ass Clippers. A team that is a 2nd fiddle organization in every single way, form, and fashion. I understand wanting to come back home, but BD, Dunleavy is an idiot and you have no one on your team besides the rook(Eric Gordon) and the old man(Al Thornton). Trade everyone and go for Al Jefferson or a real big man. Because to me Chris Kaman is Big Papi, good only when Manny Ramirez(Elton Brand) was there and when he left he figured out he isnt as good when all the attention is to stop him from going off. So sorry BD, but hey at least you got $70 million

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Worth The Wait And Pick Greg Oden Scores 13

Yesssssssssssss Yessssssssssssss Yesssssss, he finally did it. Finally!!!!!!!!!! Greg Oden had a franchise best 13 and 8rebs the other night against the top tier Timberwolves, man this kid is improving and showing he was worth the wait. I mean 13 and 8 wow Kevin Durant you have a lot to live up to if you want to get that ROY. Greg, I am proud of you for scoring allllllllll of those points and grabbing alllllllllll of those rebounds. 2 more games like this and you might be better than Tim Duncan. Ok Kevin Pritchard you are a genius for taking Oden #1, I take it back.

editors note* - this article is rife with sarcasm and the owners of this blog do not agree with the statement- "2 more games like this and you might be better than Tim Duncan"

LeBron Is Making It Hard For Anyone Else To Get MVP!!

So LeBron had 38 7 6 ho hum another day at the office, no, its the way he did it that made it so special. First let me say LeBron is Shaq with a handle and outside game, meaning he is unstoppable and its amazing how guys just bump off of him when he is going full steam ahead into the lane. Kobe didnt do it like that, nor did Jordan, LeBron gets to the hole every single time no matter how many bodies are in his way. Once he gets a consistent jump shot its over, but his J is working good enough now, I think he is the hands down MVP and the trophy is his to lose.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Greg Oden Gets His B On His Way To B-U-S-T!!!

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He played without getting hurt. Greg Oden had one of the best debuts(again)for a big man a whopping 3pts 2rebs and 2 blocks, wow give this guy Rookie Of The Year now!!!!!!!! If you watch Sportscenter his only basket is a top play(really????). I said all along the Blazers shouldve taken Durant, but I was told Oden is the next Bill Russell(not hardly)and will win more rings than Durant when its all said and done. Yeah ok, Oden has NEVER impressed me, EVER!!!!!!!!! He has had 1 good game and that came vs Florida, they lost, so the whole NBA was like well he had 25 and 12 with 5 blocks vs Al Horford and Joakim Noah, so, those guys are doing their thing in the NBA. I just dont see the hype, until Oden strings together a slew of double doubles I am not buying it. Greg Oden is the next Sam Bowie, not Bill Russell.

Derrick Rose Deserves My Apology

Derrick, sorry G I had said that you werent as good as advertised, and for that I apologize, you have been amazing since you stepped into the starting position, the other night vs the Hawks you had 26-10-7rebs, and that is sick, you have already posted a triple double and you have been going straight at the teeth of the defense, showing no fear. I shouldve given you the benefit of the doubt realizing what city you came from, and all of the ballers from Chicago that are in the NBA. Everyone was saying Beasley Beasley Beasley, as was I, but man you have showed and proved while you deserved to be the #1 pick. Just dont fade out at the end of the season, I dont think you have showed anyone anything yet, the best is just to come.

Knicks Win A Game, Lose Their Draft Pick

Ok, so you guys hit a hot streak vs the Grizzlies(which are a great D-League Team in the NBA)and made 19-34 3 pointers, but it doesnt change the facts that since 1999 the Knicks have been the biggest laughing stock in all major sports. Oh and the draft pick and hand selected by Mike D'Antoni(he played with the dudes dad in Italy)is done for the season with a bad back(he's only 20!!!!!!!!!). Way to go D'Antoni, way to start it off right, and the way you are doing Stephon Marbury is an abomination to proper business practice, just buy him out and let him go on his way, you know as soon as he is gone he will tell tell tell on the circus that is called the Knicks. So for all you Knicks fans, they are horrible and will be for at least another 5 years.

Once Again Dwight Howard Goes Off!!!!!!!!!

30-19-10(blocks), are numbers Greg Oden will never put up, but we aren't talking about Lamont Sanford we are talking about Dwight (Superman that hoe)Howard. In a schlacking last night vs the Thunder(WNBA name), Dwight Howard scoffed at the notion that Robert Swift(who????)could guard him. So Dwight Howard proceeded to show all the NBA brass that he is the best(true)center in the NBA by posting his first triple double, a feat of that stature hasnt been accomplished in the NBA in 18 years(Hakeem Olajuwon was the last). So I think Dwight Howard has lived up to his #1 selection, Greg, you reading?

Pierce Shows Why He Is Called "The Truth"

Paul Pierce's go ahead bucket last night with .5 leftgave the Celtics the win and ended the Hawks bid at immortality. Off to their best start in franchise history the Hawks fought tooth and nail with the Champion Celtics until Paul Pierce and KG took over. Paul had 23 points in the second half to finish with 34, and KG added 25 and 12 rebs. Joe Johnson led the Hawks with 28, and Marvin Williams had 14 and hit the go ahead 3 pointer to put the Hawks up 1 with 7.4 to go, after that the play was the give and go: give it to Paul and get the hell out of his way.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Atlanta Hawks Are 5-0

Wow, first a black President and now this. The Hawks are 5-0 I still think they might shock some people in the Playoffs(watch out Celtics they want revenge) Great job Mike Woodson, make it last though, yeah.

LeBron Had 41............AGAIN

Hello world this is a PSA stating that LeBron James now owns the NBA!!!!!!!!!!! See I have to give it to LeBron because he is built like a God, but oooooooooooweeeeeeeeeee is that boy CP3 something else. I mean he honestly might be the best player in the game because he controls the whole entire game. Oh yeah back to LeBron, he had 41 for his 3rd time in 4 games, I mean honestly what will this guy become in 2 years if he has already done so much so soon. He has lived far beyond all of the expectations bestowed upon him. He is the first guy since "His Airness" to have 3 40+pt games in the first 8(hear that Bean). LeBron for MVP!!!!!!!!

KJ Is Mayor Of Sactown

Wow, KJ that is an amazing feat being that is your hometown. I am so glad he is making a difference in his community and in the world. Hopefully the success of our young brothers and sisters(Go Michelle) will spread and become contagious. KJ was one of the best pg's to play in the NBA and if you dont remember I have something for you. KJ was amazing and hopefully he can make a change now that he is in the position he is in. Go on brother.

Psycho T And UNC #1 In All Polls

Once again another Roy Williams team is ranked #1 in the beginning of the season and WILL NOT finish in that spot. I dont know what it is about Roy Williams, but his teams, amazing on paper are sometimes as soft as the paper those amazing stats are on. I mean at one point at Kansas he had Jacque Vaughn, PAUL PIERCE(2008 NBA Finals MVP, remember??), Scot Pollard, and Raef Lafrentz on the same team and remember what happened to them? What about last year and the team he had then, which I might add is the exact same team as today minus Deon Thompson? I think Roy Williams always chokes because he always has the players. We shall see because I dont think UNC is as good as advertised, and I dont think they are that athletic of a basketball team.

Is It Me Or Does OKC Thunder Sound Like A WNBA Name?

The OKC Thunder, does that strike fear in your heart? Or if you didnt know anything and someone said hey we are going to watch the Thunder game, would you say I dont want to watch a WNBA game. Maybe one of the worst franchise names in all of sports, I mean if that was a WNBA team name I would like it but not for the NBA. And with the Knick jersey rip offs this team needs a major major facelift, thats why you dont put a NBA team in a "fly-over state".

Dwight Howard Is Shaq 2.0

Is it me or is Dwight Howard built like the Incredible Hulk(no homo)? I mean this man had 29 and 19 last night against the Blazers (I know Oden was thanking his lucky stars he was hurt or it might have been worse) and he has been putting up ridiculous numbers like this since he came in to the league, I think he might be the first man to go 40-40 in an NBA game or since Wilt did it(you know all those amazing stat lines belong to Wilt). Dwight Howard is on a tear and he is only scratching the surface of his career. Attention GM's when you are drafting a franchise center look at Dwight Howard and try to get a guy that is close to him, not one who has one leg longer than the other.

A.I. To Detroit, Chauncey Goin Home Again

Ok can you say trying to fit a square peg in a round hole? I think Denver got the best out of this deal and Carmelo Antony will flourish with the help of Mr Big Shot. Detroit mmmm not so much. A.I. will still get you 30 but he will need 20-25 shots a night, Sheed is old and you can see the blunt residue on his lips, so he is heading for retirement. Rip is still ballin, but will stop running around all those pics because A.I. will be shooting the ball. Denver is 2-0 since the trade and Detroit is 0-2, and to me numbers never lie. I love A.I. and think he is one of the games greatest ever. I put him and Shaq in the category of, "They dont count", because those are the only 2 players in league history to completely change the rules because if they didnt it wouldnt have been fair. Its still early so we shall see, but I dont see A.I. as a Piston, almost like MJ as a Wizard.

Really BD

The Los Angeles Clippers hmmmmm how do I say this delicately since BD is the homie, you guys are terrible. Like really bad. 1-6 start, so much for the new look Clippers. I think they have the same exact team(sans BD) as they did last year just different faces, if you understand what I am saying. I dont think the Clippers will win 35 games this year, I think Mike Dunleavy has no idea what he is doing as a GM, as a coach he is marginal. This is his team, HIS team that he assembled, minus BD they have no one who can score with 2 minutes to go down 2 points. So I'm not blaming BD at all (dont be surprised though if the Clips dont start winning, he might call it a season at game 50)Im just saying, different faces same sorry ass Clippers. I mean your mascot's name is Clipper Darrell you know you are in trouble. Oh boy another long season for the JV NBA team of LA.

Spurs Are Old And Decrepid

Tony Parker snapped earlier this week going for the double nickel(55 for you squares) in a double OT win vs the Lakers.......wait that wasnt the Lakers? Who? The Timberwolves? Wait when did they get called up from the NCAA? Oh yeah Tony Parker went off in a double OT win vs the powerhouse Minnesota Timberwolves, and the next game he rolls his ankle and is out for a month. Now that really sucks, but hey with and avg age of 39 the Spurs arent going to win anything this year. First it was Manu, now its Tony, trust me Tim Duncan will not waste a season playing hard for a team that has no chacne, he'd rather pack it up until next season. I say the Spurs should tank this season and go for Blake Griffin from OU to give Tim another presence down low next to him.

Greg Oden Hurt Again

"With the 2nd pick in the 1984 draft the Portland Trailblazers select Sam Bowie", probably the most dreaded sentence Portland fans have ever been a part of(there was a guy named Michael Jordan, heard of him, in that draft as well), now they are reliving 1984 all over again. The much ballyhooed and over hyped center out of Ohio State, Greg Oden, cant do anything right. I mean how do you get hurt on a dropstep? All that work and talk about why you take Oden over Durant, boy I love saying it, BUT I TOLD EVERYBODY DURANT IS SPECIAL. And even though Portland thought they hit the lottery it seems they got chocolate instead of gold. I feel bad for Oden though, ever since Sanford and Son has ended he hasnt found a steady job that he can grasp. But hey I guess in the long run Oden will win more championships than Durant(WTF???), Oden cant even make it a whole quarter in his 2 NBA seasons. He is a bust and he will never score over 30 points in a game. Dwight Howard is something he will never be. Prove me wrong Shrek.

Sorry Yall I Took A Hiatus

My bad yall I took a hiatus there for a sec but I am back in full swing so give me some time and I will update as much as possible

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tommy Bowden Fired

So. Clemson football has always been a facade, looks great but once it gets rolling, you are like WOW they are terrible. Always have the most amazing athletes on paper and they have had a couple of first rounders in his time, but after being ranked #9 to start the season and every single sports publication saying it was Clemson's year, they got thrawlupped by Alabama and have lost to everyone that mattered this season. Sorry Tommy, you dont have a legacy at Clemson.

P.S. Tommy Bowden's daughter is a lil slut bag, Im not gonna show you guys her pic(I have some decency)just type in Tommy Bowden on Google and go to images, you will be very happy.

Tony Romo Out, Cowboys Are Soft!!!!!!!

Tony Romo is out for a month because he broke is pinkie(didnt Brett Favre play with a broken hand? just asking)and he will be sidelined while Brad Johnson(who) takes the snaps. Tony Romo to me has been playing like a punk lately and whenever there is pressure on him he folds like a wet kleenex. I dont understand how the Cowboys feel that the NFL owes them the Superbowl, and after Pacman's antics I dont think this team will ever recover. Well Tony at least you have Jessica's twins to rest your head on . 4-2 in 3rd place of their division, looks like the Hard Knocks special that you guys did was a farce, about as real as Jessica Simpson's singing career.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tim Tebow's Lady

OMG Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no way he is saving himself for marriage with that on his arm

Tim McCarver Needs To Shut Up

Wow Tim I guess you havent learned since Deion Sanders doused you with an ice bucket twice for saying he was being selfish for playing a football game the same day as a baseball game. Now you are talking mess about Manny Ramirez, saying his act in Boston was despicable and shameful. Wow who are you again Tim? I know you played in the major leagues but its not the same MLB anymore, Im sure your whole team combined didnt make what Manny makes in one year, that doesnt mean you have to hate. Manny Ramirez is the best baseball player playing today and maybe ever(did David Ortiz do anything significant since Manny left?)he makes the guys in front of him and behind him in the lineup much better. He single handedly turned the Dodgers season around by putting up amazing numbers. And for Tim McCarver(who once again)to say anything before he calls the game to me is tasteless and embarassing. No one cares what you think, and I hope the Red Sox play the Dodgers(aka Dodyers or Doyers to my esse's)and Manny does what he always does and GOES OFF, isnt he the ALL TIME HR LEADER IN THE POST SEASON? Oh yeah, he is. Isnt he 2nd ALL TIME IN HITS IN AN LCS? Oh yeah he is. Doesnt HE GET PAID $20 MILLION A SEASON? Oh yeah, he does. IS HE WORTH IT? You gotdamn right he is, and to me I think he is getting under paid. Has anyone seen A-Rod after September(pit sound of crickets here)? Manny is the best baseball player ever, how bout them apples. No one will remember how many fly balls he caught or bases he didnt run hard to, they will check the stats and see he is on top of every category that matters and has 2 rings in tow.

Bill Walker Intorduces Himself To The NBA

OMG!!!!!!!!! Wow Bill Walker seems to be 100%, I have been keeping tags on this kid since he was a high school teammate of Ovinton J' Anthony Mayo (O.J. Mayo). They won 2 state titles together before the OHSAA found out Bill Walker was 23 as a senior(lol jk he was 19 and his eligibility was up)and thats when he went to K-State as Bob Huggins first top tier recruit(he had another but Im going blank as to who that was--Michael Beasley). Bill "Sky" Walker tore his ACL within the first 7 games of his freshman year and had to redshirt the rest of the season. And last year with Mike Beasley taking all the shots Bill still averaged 15 points on a bad knee. Its good to see him back to his high school days.

This Just In--Pacman Won't Be Disciplined

Well aint this grand, I dont know what happened so I cant comment on the siutation Im going off of reports. All I know that he got into a fight in a hotel in Dallas during some Ludacris movie premier. And isnt it fishy that the Cowboys Pro Bowl DB, Terrance Newman, is out for 6 weeks with a sports hernia. Now with that being said, if Newman wasnt hurt Pac would be kickin rocks. Its funny and admirable how much of a G Jerry Jones is, he stands by his players and he is the Malcolm X of NFL owners, win by any means necessary, and he is rich so what are you really going to tell him. We'll see how long this lasts. Go Cowboys.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pacman Is The Dumbest Person Ever

Great Pacman, how stupid are you. You will never ever ever ever play in the NFL again. Who do you think you are? I have no sympathy for you. None. You are an embarrassment to yourself, your family, and all those that stood up for you and put their reputations on the line. I mean Im so sick and tired of these fools that say, "I'm from the hood". Who cares? Honestly the hood aint nothing to glamorize, getting out and making a career for yourself by playing a game is something I'd rather be known for than being from the hood. Now being hood Pacman is going to get you back there. I cant believe the stupidity and ignorance. I dont want to hear he is a product of his environment. Thats a load of crap, there are other guys on the Cowboys that come from the same situation Pacman came from. Im tired of hearing that. He is lost and hard headed, I see why so many owners are reluctant to pay these guys all this money. Its a waste, I could tell the insincerity in his letter to the Commissioner when he was reading it. My blog is pro athlete ok, I am not a guy trying to bash and say crazy stuff about athletes to cause a buzz, I am in their corner, but Pac I am washing my hands of you. You are in the OJ category now and how bad do you think you will get crucified tomorrow by everyone. Lucky you guys are winning. This isnt the 1st or 2nd time, its the 7th and the last incident you got into almost got someone killed and left a man paralyzed. You are a football player Pac, thats it, you obviously arent a good thug because the good ones dont get caught. If you get kicked out the league I give 5 years before you are in jail. And I hate to say that because you are a helluva talent, but you need to find God and really do something about your attitude. You need to get a wife to calm your dumbass down. Good riddens Pac, its over for you.

Mr Quiet Is A Thug

Wow, Marvin Harrison. I have one question. Why wouldnt you have some of your homies handle the guy who claims you shot him instead of doing it yourself? I mean you are from Philly and live in Philly, Im sure you could've had one of your homies handle him for a free car wash(the one you own)and a cheese steak from Geno's. Now you got people who say they say you fight him and said you guys got into an argument. And then to top it all off they found the gun that the bullets came from at your property. Man oh man, professional athletes need to figure out they are targets especially by haters. They want all you have and if they cant have it they dont think you should have it. So fellas I know you have to stay in touch with the hood(i.e. Pacman Jones), but Marvin you are a dont let some hater get you like that. Im sure all the dude wants is hush money so pay him off and make sure you dont find yourself in situations like that.

G.O. Destroys........In The Preseaon...Against The Kings

In 20 min of action last night G.O. had a really good game and looked bulked up after rehabbing the whole year last year. The Blazers blew out the (soft in the middle) Kings last night in an exhibition and it was G.O.'s first game since he got drafted #1 in 2007. His first points were an emphatic dunk on Spencer Hawes, and he pretty much had his way with him the whole night. I havent been a big fan of G.O. since he was in hs and while at OSU I think he traveled every single time he touched the ball and the only game that impressed me was the Nat'l Championship game vs Florida and they got blown out even though he held his own. I think the Blazers are going to surprise a lot of people this year and have a helluva hoop squad, watch out Western Conference them Blazers are back.

Elgin You Lost Over 1,100 Games

Bo Kimble, Michael Olowakandi, Danny Ferry, Joe Wolf, Benoit Benjamin, LeRon Ellis, Terry Dehere, Brian Skinner, are some of the bad mistakes Elgin Baylor has made in his tenure as the GM of the Clippers. I mean they have been cellar dwellers since he became GM, and really haven't made an effort to be good until the brass at the Staples Center told the Clippers management that if they dont start doing something about their ways they won't renew their lease because they feel they can throw 5 concerts and make the same as the Clippers do in one season. So since 03-04 the Clippers have been trying, and only having one good season in 05-06 and then it was back to the doldrums. Albeit injuries hurt them after that great playoff run, still they have been terrible for years and years prior. Elgin needed to step down because the game had passed him by in all facets. He enjoyed sitting courtside and eating popcorn and getting his face on the jumbotron every now and then. Elgin go out quietly and honorable because you are a legend and you dont want your image tarnished by the Clippers, you are a and you are 74, chill out and spend some of that money the Clippers were giving you for losing. Your resume is not a good one and you lost 1135 games to be exact while you were the GM so you really have no argument and you don't want them airing out your dirty laundry, so take it like a man and realize the game has passed you by.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Opie Has A Stalker

Luke Walton has a stalker. I dont know why, but he does and this crazy girl(not the one pictured, that is his main chick) had pulled up next to him in his car and fired fake gun shots at him with her finger. She has been on him since last year sometime and has been spotted at his house numerous times. She has vandalized his property and camped outside of his house because he didn't sign an autograph. Well Wheat I dont know what to say but have the tweezers ready because this year you will be picking splinters.

Finally Reggie

Reggie Bush put on a show last night and its about damn time. I know the NFL is a man's league and not the Pac 10, but come on give me something Reg. Last night against Adrian Peterson and the Vikings Reggie had 269 all purpose yards including 2 punt returns for TD's becoming the 12th NFL player to do that in a game. The Saints lost the game at home on Monday Night Football and it was because of turnovers and great defense by Antoine Winfield. Reggie Bush has caught a lot of slack for not being a overpowering up the middle type running back, he is an outside rusher a screen play running back. I dont think Reggie will ever be an Adrian Peterson type running back, but I do think he will be Reggie Bush and if used as a Marshall Faulk type back he will become worthy of the 2nd pick that he was.

Kurt Warner Is A True Teammate

I have never ever heard of a player retiring because he caused(inadvertently)the injury of another. That just shows you that not all athletes think me first. Against the Jets last weekend in the 4th quarter the Cards were down 3 touchdowns with under 2 minutes to play, and Warner found the best receiver in the game(sorry T.O., Randy, Plax,)Anquan Boldin open for a TD, when he threw it, Boldin got hit in the head by 2 charging Jet defenders and looked like he had broken his neck, albeit was a sinus fracture that hit still gives me chills. Kurt Warner texted his wife after the game and told her he was going to retire because Boldin's injury was all his fault and could've been avoided. He said he was thisclose to retiring, but decided after he heard Boldin would be ok he rethought his idea and came back and led the Cards to a victory over the undefeated Bills. Not too many guys would've even cared about their teammate getting hurt let alone contemplate retirement. Wow goes to show you that Jesus walks with Kurt Warner.

Monday, October 6, 2008

D Wade Leaning Towards Staying In M.I.A.

Dwyane Wade said that he doesnt want to leave Miami, he says he wants to retire there. They have a lot of building to do before that proves to be true, even though it is Miami, no player especially the franchise player, wants to go through a 15-67 or anything close to that.  D. Wade showed out this year in the Olympics and the world saw that he was back at 100%. He came off the bench and was one of the top scorers on the team. He has a better team this year with Shawn Marion and Michael Beasley picking up the slack, but with no center or no pg, the Heat will be lucky to win 30 games.  Good luck D. Wade and the Bulls have your jersey waiting for you in 2010.

The Titans Are 5-0

What?!? The Titans are 5-0 for the first time ever. They uglied out a win vs the Baltimore Ravens and their stingy defense yesterday, minus the fights between teams and between teammates. They managed to win without their QB Vince "5150" Young, who has returned to the team but since he doesnt want to study the playbook he is the 3rd stringer. That Titans D is unbelievable and young, so they should be this good for a long time. Hopefully they will figure out that they need a real QB and try to trade Young for a real QB or one that can read a playbook. 

Westbrook Hurt Again

Brian Westbrook is one of the coldest running backs in the NFL, he is like a tougher Marshall Faulk. After hurting his ankle he was a gametime decision, he played yesterday though and had a TD. During that game he fractured 3-4 ribs and could be out for a very long time. I hope he is ok and the one thing about the NFL, its not always the best team wins, usually the healthiest. So the Eagles are 2-3 and now without 48% of their offense and scoring they might be in for a long season until he comes back.

Cowboys Played Good Enough To Win

T.O. only caught 2 passes, 1 was a 57 yd TD, in a 31-22 win and Romo got lucky in the end for the Boys to rebound after getting punched in the mouth by the Redskins. Jason Witten, Marion Barber, and (R.O.Y) Felix Jones carried the load for the Cowboys. The Bengals(0-5) gave a valiant effort after the Cowboys scored 17 points on their first 3 possesions. The Bengals were down 17-6 at half and then they forced Tony Romo to go cry in Jessica's boobs before he kinda got lucky in the 4th. Chad Ocho Cinco didnt do much and TJ Houshmazilli(Houshmandzadeh) had 2 TD's. Carson Palmer looked ok but you could tell his elbow was bothering him. I dont know Bengals, I think its time to let Chad Johnson go(even though he has led the AFC in receiving yards the past 4 seasons)and try his show in a city that would embrace him instead of saying he is a distraction. 

Is Eli Taking Big Bro's Thunder?

Ok, I know for a fact that I was the only one that had Eli Manning's back since the day he got drafted. I told many of friends that Eli would win a Super Bowl and boy oh boy was I standing on top of the "I told you so" hill, after last years Super Bowl. Now Eli may remind you of Opie a little bit and may have lost his virginity on his wedding night this summer, but nonetheless he is a Manning and to me has been better than Peyton since the beginning of last year. I mean Peyton gets all the credit for being the greatest QB in the NFL, but since he won the Super Bowl in 06(07 actually but the 06 season)he really hasnt been looking that good. Now Eli on the other hand blew out the Seahawks(they should never leave the Pacific Northwest)44-6 and he did it with out his best WR. The Giants are 5-0 and to me they look unbeatable, they just find a way to keep winning. Eli the better of the the moment.

Clinton Portis Is My MVP For The First 5 Weeks

Man oh man is CP killing people. 29 tocas 145 yards 1 TD, he ran through the Eagles and their vaunted run defense. Of course the Skins won and now they are 4-1 which leaves them in 2nd place behind the Giants in the NFC East. I dont know who has had a better 5 weeks than CP, all I know is that Jim Zorn has a brain and is using CP to the fullest. 

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mr. Glass To The Heat

Why? Ok Im not gonna hate, because I was the President of the Shaun Livingston fan club and when he went down with that injury, I honestly was sick. He is an amazing passer and has a knack for the little things in basketball. Pretty much stuff you can't teach. But we all thought his career was over when that injury happened in 07(I'm not gonna post the video, too brutal). Im glad to see he is back and hopefully he can get back to his old self. Shaun they have great restaurants in Miami, the only 2 places you should be is in the gym and at a restaurant. 

Friday, October 3, 2008


Laker fans(as I am 1, but not delusional)please please please please stop, ok, just stop. Stop reading J.A. Adande's  lame articles about how he thinks Bynum and Kobe might be a better tandem than Shaq Kobe. Ok stop. When Shaq and Kobe were together they won 3 rings(in a row) ok so stop. Kobe had it good with the BEST CENTER TO EVER PLAY THE GAME(sorry Hakeem, and Kareem)and just to get back to the Finals do you see the firepower he needs with (scr)Odom, Pau(means soft in Spanish), and now Bynum. Come on people, do I think the Lakers will win it all? I hope, but the NBA is a long season and injuries and attitudes always come in to play. Im glad to see Bynum back, but Im not planning a parade down Figueroa just yet, lets talk come June and dont forget LeBron has a little help and for him all he needed was for someone to score 17 pts a game so he can rest in the 3rd. Bynum is a beast but hey everyone is a beast in October ask Mike Olowakandi.

I Wouldn't Want Him Either

Contrary to early reports that dealt Jamaal Tinsley of the Pacers to the Nuggets for Chucky Atkins(he is still in the league???)and Steven Hunter(???????), the Nuggets brass said the report is "erroneous". I don't blame them, the Nugs didn't want to have the all 420 back court(AI and Melo) so they were like ummmmmm no, we don't want to be known for our players to have nuggets we want them to be known as  the Nuggets(corny I know). Anyways the Pacers need to do something to shake things up because Danny Granger is just wasting his life on that team. And I guarantee besides Danny Granger and Mikey D Jr, David Stern couldn't name another player on the Pacers