Monday, August 10, 2009

Curse Of The Clippers Begins...Blake Griffin Hurt

I knew it, I knew, I knew it, Blake Griffin(the only reason to watch the Clippers this season)got hurt already. He hurt his shoulder in workouts this summer. Wow wow wow wow, honestly the Clippers need to get an exorcism because they are possessed by losing and bad luck. I pray for Blake I really do, he wont be in LA longer than his rookie contract. Yes, its that bad in Clipperland.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

McDyess To The Spurs

If this was 1998 I'd care. The Spurs get younger and with 1 guy add 100 years to their team avg age. He will play the last 30 games and the Playoffs.

Marcedes Lewis Camp

This guy is an amazing guy 100% stand up individual, I'd dunk on him but he played football, and low key is the most underrated TE in the League. Freak athlete that LIKES to block, you hear that Kellen Winslow??????

Ben Gordon And Charlie Villanueva To Pistons

And you are telling me this because?? Ok so now you have Rodney Stuckey, a combo guard along with Ben Gordon and scoring guard who doesn't know how to spell assist, along with Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Jason Maxiell, Charlie Villanueva, and an aging Anotnio McDyess. Wow Joe you have single handedly RUINED your team. You go up there with Isiah when you traded Chauncey Billups for 2 Big Mac's and a large fry. I mean how did the Allen Iverson experiment really work? Mike Curry????!!!!!!!? WTF??? He can't even speak English, that's why the team didn't like him, they were always like, "What he just say?", Come on Joe who did you draft this year?? Austin Daye, he weighs less than Tayshaun who is 87 pounds fully dressed and soaking wet with dumbells in his hand. Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe sometimes guys don't know when to step away from the game. And I almost forgot about Darko instead of Bosh, Wade, or Melo. End of story.

Sheed To The Celts

Hmmmm this could be really good or really bad. I love Sheed and have followed him since he was at Simon Gratz. I think he can give the Celtics 28-33 min a game and extend defenses, but how will he act when he is killing and coming off the bench. He will definitely be the 6th man. I think the East is going to be hell next year with the Magic, Cavs, Celts, gunning for that #1 spot. I think Sheed will help immensely, but I think the Celts get to the Finals this year without him. Still a great coup by the Celtics, it might be a re-match of 08.

R.I.P. Steve McNair

One of my favorite QB's ever(notice I didnt say black) I mean for this guy to play 1-AA College ball was a travesty to football fans everywhere. I remember he was so good that ESPN used to broadcast his games, Sports Illustrated had him on the cover saying, "Hand Him The Heisman", all this while leading Alcorn St to the 1-AA Finals. He avg'd 6!!!! TD's a game and then took his talents to the NFL and was 1yd away from winning the Superbowl. I can go on and on, but I will make it short and sweet for one of the greatest QB's to play the game.

NBA Gives Rockets Player Exemption For Yao

Who cares he's done, thanks Yao, but its over they built you wrong in China. And Ariza to the Rockets might be the biggest mistake of his life.

Ron Ron Is A Laker

Kobe said, "I dont think it makes us a better team." How lame is he I mean really? Ron Artest adds toughness and the "Hoodality" that those soft players need. Ok yes they won and I'm going to play devils advocate and bring up the "ifs" Game 2 Courtney Lee makes the tap in, Game 3 win, Game 4 Dwight Howard makes 1!!!!!!!!!!!! Free Throw, the series is 3-1 Orlando and then what? Kobe would've done what he always does when they lose in the playoffs, pout and give up(Game 5 Phoenix 06, Game 7 Phoenix 07, Game 6 Celtics 08). So dont go there Kobe, you know you are going to be the little brother when mom is there, act all tough when she is around to big bro and then not say a word when she is gone. You will probably start a fight and then go and run behind Ron Ron as a punk would. So getting out of Kobe's arrogant world and into the real one. The Lakers have made a huge statement and Kobe you can now act tough because your mom is around.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vince "Charmin Soft" Carter To Magic

If he stays healthy and doesnt cry it could work, but he is going to get abused by LeBron and Kobe and D Wade and every other tough 2 guard. Devin Harris, and Courtney Lee backcourt along with Brook Lopez holding down the paint. The Nets could be scary in 3-4 years, real scary. At least Vince is gone now there won't be puddles on team flights and in the locker room before games because Vince is so moist.

Jamal Crawford To The Hawks. So What

So Jamal Crawford to the Hawks because he couldn't play for Don Nelson. That is like saying, "I'm not happy I have too much money". I mean really Jamal Crawford you were playing for a coach who doesnt know how to spell defence and you couldnt get along with him. Wow, thats like not being happy because the only girls you sleep with are Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated models. So now you are going to have Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford in the back court, both of whom need the ball at all times, and Josh Smith and Marvin Williams. Wow Atlanta GET A POINT GUARD, thats what you get for passing on Chris Paul a guy who said he WANTED to play for you, a first.

Suns Setting On Amar'e

Wow move over Danny Ainge, there is a new Sheriff of Stupid and his name is (drumroll please) Steve Kerr. Hi, Shawn Marion you are just an All-Star so we are going to trade you because you want to show people why we pay you $17mil a season. Steve Nash it doesnt matter that you are 35 with ALL of your best years behind you, this is still YOUR team. Amar'e you have been a beast since you came into the league, and now we are tired of you being mad because you want to score 35 and grab 15 rebs a night like you did vs Tim Duncan and the Spurs in '05. We are tired of it, so as GM of the Suns I think its best we let you and Matt Barnes go along with Shaq because this draft is sooooooo enticing and we are hoping either LeBron, D Wade, Chris Bosh, or Dirk will come join our team in 2010, I highly doubt ANY of them will but I'm not worried because I know Robin Lopez can pick up the slack both you and Shaq are leaving. And I went to Arizona so I know basketball. The Suns are the new Clippers of the West, they will be in the lottery for the next 8-10 years.

Shaq To Cavs...Yawn, LeBron Is Still Gone

Ok so Shaq will be the only center to say he has won a ring with the 3 greatest guards in the NBA since Magic, Michael, and Larry retired. His first 3 with Kobe, His next with D Wade(should have been 2 if they both didn't get hurt in 05), and his latest with the King. Now, I know LeBron LOVES Shaq, but Shaq is going on 60 and LeBron is not even in his prime yet. Bron Bron wants to win now and once he sees how long he has to wait for Shaq to do what he has to do, he wont be happy. Shaq is only going to play 55-60 reg season games anyway. I love Shaq and wont ever say anything bad about him, but this trade should have happened last year.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Please Trade Rondo Danny Please!!!!!!!!

Ok and GM of the year goes to (drumroll please) Danny Ainge. Let me guess Rajon Rondo doesn't feel like he needs to take a backseat to aging stars like Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, or KG? Oh well, get over it, we had this same problem in LA and looked how that worked out(yeah 7 years later after Shaq should've won 2). So I say this dont let Rondo go, because there isn't another guard in the NBA that is a perfect fit for the Celtics than Rondo. Let him run his mouth and do what he wants because in 2 years HE will be the star of that team. Trade him to the Cavs.

The League: Richardson To Spurs For 3 Mules

The League: Richardson To Spurs For 3 Mules

Richardson To Spurs For 3 Mules

The Richard "RJ" Jefferson Project only lasted one season before they found out how sensitive he was and how heartbroken he was that he couldn't be playing with Devin Harris. He also didn't like being yelled at so Scott Skiles said enough and traded him for a Bruce Bowen, a Kurt Thomas, and a Fabricio Umberto(sounds like a shampoo company) all of whom are a combined age of 145 and are all on their last leg(last year of contract), hopefully they will all be put out of their misery when this upcoming season is over. Hopefully "RJ" will develop another man crush for Tony Parker and play like he did early in NJ when he had a good pg. That's TP at the 1 Manu at the 2 RJ at the 3 and Tim Duncan, it doesnt matter who the 5th person is. I see the West getting real interesting.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Ok, as much as I love Chad Johnson, I wish his wife(who is Cuban) would've helped him out with this. Chad Johnson the former is now known as Chad "Ochocinco", so basically he is saying that his name is Chad 85(not eighty five, but eightfive)instead of Chad 8-5, very weird and super hood. His name should read Chad Ocho-Cinco, wow gotta love that Pac 10 education. Bengals make noise this year.

The Other LA Team Is In The News

Yes, the worst thing about LA is the Clippers, they are always one of the if not the worst team in basketball every year. I mean its really hopeless, I feel bad for all of the careers Donald Sterling has ruined and how he finally got a practice arena(after almost 30 years of being in LA and practicing at high school gyms and junior colleges). I feel soooooooo bad for Blake Griffin, from coming from Oklahoma to going to a horrible franchise with the Clippers. Baron Davis is not going to be kicking it with you, Z-Bo is off rolling blunts, Camby is 50, Kaman wants to be traded, the only bright spots the Clips have is Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin, but they both are gone after Rookie deals are up. They need to fire Dunleavy and get a Paul Silas in there to turn a bunch of knuckle heads into at least a .500 team. So Blake Griffin enjoy this now because on June 24th your career is heading to an early end, not because you wont be good, its because you will be playing for the Clippers.

Lakers Bring It Back To The Left Coast

MVP, MVP, MVP, MVP, chants filled the streets as the Lakers and their MVP, Kobe Bryant, rolled down Figueroa for the Championship parade. As much as I dont like Kobe I have always given him his credit for being one of the baddest to ever lace them up, and he finally got his ring. After 7 tumultuous years since winning his last Kobe got his ring. My whole point is that he already had 3 with Shaq, why would he want to change that, I dont care about if you like him or not, that doesnt matter, your job is to come in and win not have feelings. Anyways he needed two 7 footers and Odom and Ariza to get his 4th when he had Shaq and 3. Anyways congrats to my favorite basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers

Friday, February 27, 2009

Faded Starbury To The Celtics

I dont know if anyone in or around the NBA feels the same way about this as I, but man oh man do the Celts have the star power enough to repeat as champs. As much as I love the Lakers(and despise Kobe), I dont think the Lakers are going to beat the Spurs in the Western Conf Finals, and this gives the Celts as good of a chance to beat the Cavs. I dont think the Magic have the players to get to or past the Conf Finals. So with Steph "Faded Starbury" Marbury going the Celts, watch out NBA and watch how KG and Steph dont skip a beat.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

NBA Trade Deadline Came and Went, Nothing Happened!!

The only thing that was remotely interesting was the Shaq to Cavs talk, but once the Cavs wouldnt throw in Wally Szczerbiak and his expiring contract the Suns rescinded, expiring contracts are the new "black" in the NBA. Larry Hughes went to the Knicks for Tim Thomas, I hardly doubt that LeBron James is losing sleep over that one. So with all that being said and done, same contenders: Lakers, Spurs, Cavs, Celtics, Magic

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stop Me If You Have Heard This...Oden Hurt...Again

Wow, and we thought things were looking up for the big fella, Oh well Oden needs to take a year off and get healthy. Looks like all those people who said Oden will get you rings, thats why I'd take him over Durant are being proven wrong everyday. I dont think Oden has scored 47 points in his whole career and Durant did that the other night against the Hornets. Great job Portland. Sam Bowie 2.0

Salmons and Miller To Bulls For Nocioni and Gooden


Hornets Give Up On Being A Good Franchise, Trade Chandler

I dont know why they did this, Tyson probably called Byron Scott a mark(which he really is)and Byron Scott had enough. After almost making it to the Western Conference Finals last year and being everyones team to upset the Lakers, the Hornets gave up. They traded the guy who helped David West reach his All Star status, gave up someone who can run Tim Duncan up and down the court as well as Bynum, and Shaq. But this being the Hornets, they traded the only post presence they had to the Thunder(which will be a huge help to Durant, Green, and Westbrook)for a bag of cookies and some swisher sweets. Great job Hornets, I think CP3's days are numbered unless they get lucky come draft day.

McGrady Done For Year

First the gay rumors, now this!!! Man Tracy it must suck to be you. You have never gotten out of the first round and never played a whole NBA season and you make $20 million a year. For what? I mean you are a great player, but what have you done, you are like the A-Ro(i)d of basketball. Tracy you are tap dancing on the overrated line, better come back next year ready

Superman Gets 45 19 8

Superman is in the building and boy was he ever, last night Dwight Howard man handled the Bobcats to a line of 45 points 19 rebounds and 8 blocks. He had his 18th straight double-double and was the most to record as many points rebs and blocks in 1 game since they started keeping stats. Basically Superman showed his super powers. Dwight Howard needs to start getting mentioned as one of the top players in the NBA as well as LeBron, Kobe, and D Wade, this man is a freak of nature and does something phenomenal every game. He is 6'11'' and has a 45'' vertical jump. No body fat and a great personality. Like David Robinson if he wasn't a complete softie.

Kevin Durant Might Be The Second Coming!!!!

First he dropped 46 in the Rookie Sophomore Challenge, then against the Hornets he dropped 47. Kevin Durant was a beast in college and he did it with so much more pizzaz than Michael Beasley(even though Beasley avg'd more points and rebs than Durant)it was just a whole lot more meaningful when Durant put on shows like he did against the Hornets. See, kevin Durant gets it and is well beyond his years, guys like Beasley, you wonder if he EVER will get it. LeBron, Kobe, D-Wade, Superman(Dwight), they get it and thats why they are successful. Durant is only 20 and will be in the NBA for at least 15 more years and oh my, WE AINT SEEN NOTHIN YET.

A-Roid Confesses To Taking Energy Supplements

Yeah riiiiiight and furthermore WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aww Isn't That Cute.....

Kobe and Shaq got Co-MVP's of the All Star game, can the NBA and its writers be anymore lame, cliche, corny, anything you want to call it. Even though I knew with, Phil, Shaq and Kobe back together it was a no brainer and I should've blogged that "the NBA was probably going to give Shaq and Kobe co-MVP's just to be lame", I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. Well they both looked like they could still win a championship together, wouldnt it be ironic if the Suns buy Shaq out and waive him he goes to the Lakers and they win it next year, Bynum cant stay healthy. I know that will never happen but it would be poetic justice for Shaq if that were to happen. Shaq knew this might be his last All Star game putting him 2nd behind Kareem for most appearances. Im glad it happened like that, once again showing Kobe that he will be forever linked to Shaq for the rest of his life. I love it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Porter To Be Fired On Monday

Hmmmmmmmm let me think, D'Antoni who doesn't know what defense is and then you have Porter who doesn't know he has Shaq and Amar'e Stoudemire on the same team. I mean how on God's green earth can you mess up O'Neal, Amar'e and Nash along with J-Rich and Barbosa. How is that team hovering over the line of mediocrity? Well with Amar'e acting like a baby(go figure)and mad about his reduction and that 400lb gorilla(Shaq)getting all the pub. Along with 2 time MVP Nash and Richardson not gelling together the genius that is Steve Kerr(sarcasm)is blaming the coach. Avery Johnson wouldve been the perfect fit for the Suns, but they went with Porter who has never had a winning season, its like Auburn hiring that guy instead of the coach for Buffalo. I dont know but the Suns needs a coach who isnt scared of Shaq or Amar'e(going to be tough)and knows how to keep Nash happy. My first choice Avery Johnson, my second choice...whomever Steve Kerr selects.

Jodie Meeks Is A Killer

I mean that in a good way, has anyone been paying attention to UK basketball this year or any year since '03?? Not if you live outside of Kentucky, but man you need to start because they have this horse named Jodie Meeks who is a scoring machine. He broke Dan Issel's scoring record against hated UT, where he pured in 54 and made 10 3's, last night Mr Meeks scored 45 against Florida!!!!!!! Now this is against SEC caliber athletes not in the Patriot League(sorry Steph), and he is getting it done. Look for Mr Jodie to be in the top 10 players called in this upcoming draft.

Jermaine O Neal To Raptors For Shawn Marion

HAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA, this AINT GOIN WORK, lol. Can you talk about the worst trade ever in the NBA, tell me why Jermaine O Neal would be a better fit in Miami? Because their centers are terrible, ok yeah, but think about it, you have a guy who is 31(looks and plays like he is 40)and was on a team with another Dream Teamer(Bosh) and couldnt get it done, so you put him in Miami? And for who, Shawn "No one like me" Marion???!?!?!? Wow I dont know why all these sports writers are like, Jermaine and Wade, Wade O'Neal 2.0, ummmmm no!!!!!!!!!!!! Jermaine O'Neal is done, he isnt the same Ron Artest sucked out all of his NBA life. Shawn Marion pouted in PHX, pouted and rocked a mohawk in Miami while getting paid $19 mil, now he is going to Toronto. My homie once said, "Koch Records, where artists go to die", and thats how I feel about Toronto, where basketball players go to die. You think Shawn marion is going to hoop up there you are crazy, he went from warm climate his whole NBA career to T-Dot, guarantee he doesnt play more than 12 games for them this whole year. Terrible Terrible trade, the NBA needs to wake up fast. Worst trade of two overpaid players ever!!

LeBron Says He Is In The Dunk Contest In '10...For Now

If you didn't hear bulldike Cheryl Miller ask LeBron James last night about being in the dunk contest then you missed him say, "I am preliminary in the dunk contest for 10...right now". I think its a great idea, but if he doesn't win, OMG if he doesn't win. I think the judges will give everything he does a 50 just so he doesn't lose to a Gerald Green(who) or a Jamario Moon(WHO!). Kenny Smith and his out of touch with reality self said that LeBron needs to win a dunk contest to show that he is the best dunker in the game. Um Kenny, hey Kenny first, put on some chapstick, secondly, I think LeBron would rather be called the best player in the game rather than the "best dunker", let Dwight Howard keep that moniker, he is more suited for that, Bron Bron is MVP. But it would be nice to see since his last dunk contest in the Mickey D's game wasn't his best showing. I am all for LeBron in the dunk contest...3 or 4 years ago, even though he is young he is a wiley ol vet, let him rest I'd rather see him in the All Star Game anyway.

Nate Wears Kryptonite And Defeats Superman!!

Nate went hard last night and repped for the 206. He put on his Kryptonite suit and finally beat Dwight Howard(who I think lost it when Nate jumped over him last night)in a great dunk contest. Dwight Howard should've waited to bring out the raised rim and saved that for last because a 7 footer does not look good dunking from the free throw line, it just doesn't do the same justice. With that being said, I think Dwight Howard did a great job and could've come harder than he did, but watching him nonchalantly dunk on that 12 ft rim is amazing.

Blake Griffin Is The Number 1 Pick In '09

40 and 23, no that isnt minutes played and points, that is points and rebounds, and those are what this kid Blake Griffin did last night against Texas Tech. WOW is what you say I agree whole heartedly. I remember watching this kid play in the Mickey D's game in 07 with the like of Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley, and OJ Mayo, and I remember calling my friend who is an agent and telling him that Blake Griffin is going to be the best player in that class when it is all said and done. Of course I got the, "He plays in Oklahoma against little white boys" talk from him. I love to be right, just like when I saw Josh McRoberts getting destroyed by Hansbrough after McRoberts was named the #1 player in the nation. I said hansbrough was going to be a beast, and I was told Eric Montross at best, I LOVE BEING RIGHT!! But this man(Im going to stop calling him a kid)is an amazing specimen, he is 6'10'' of pure unadulturated funk, he runs the court like a gazelle, has 18ft range, and can jump out of the gym. He to me is going to be the #1 pick and lead the home team to prominence, but he still has to go to the tournament, and all mere mortals beware, because Zeus is coming.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big Al Tore His ACL.

Damn it! Two o f the best centers went down with knee injuries, first it was Andrew Bynum, now its Al Jeffereson. Al doesnt get ANY love because he plays for the horrible Timberwolves. I dont understand that a kid who is barely 25 and is giving you 20 and 10 a night doesnt get more pub. Oh yeah, my bad, he plays for the Timberwolves, Al tore his ACL and is done for the season, time to put those playoff hopes in the hands of none other than(drumroll please)................Kevin Love.....(crickets)... What do you mean Keving Love can give you 37 and 22 just like Big Al did the game before he got hurt, oh and the game he got hurt he had 25 and 14.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Radmonovic Talking Mess

All these IC's(pronounced itch) in the NBA make me sick, I think "IC" is Serbian or whatever European Block States, for "SOFT" I mean look at them, Vujacic(SOFT), Milcic(WHO),Radmonovic(SNOWBOARD), Stojakovic(CANT FIND HIM IN THE PLAYOFFS), I mean you get my point. So now that Vlady got traded to the Bobcats he decided to say that Phil's system wasnt for him(really?). I mean this a guy who killed in Seattle comes to LA and there goes his drive. He also had the starting job given to him but he went snowboarding, messed up his shoulder and then lied about it. To me he should've been gone a whole lot earlier.

A-Rod Used Roids

So what, Roids obviously only helps your power because it sure as hell hasn't helped A-Rod any in the post-season, I guess when you use Roids and October rolls around your nuts shrivel up and hide. Thats what the case seems to be like to me, who cares he hit 47HR and 118 RBI's he only batted .218 or something horrible like that when he was in Texas and they only won 58 games, tell me how in the hell a person whose team only wins 58 games out of 160 wins MVP? To me A-Rod has been an amazing athlete since HS(he was the best prospect and the #1 pick in 1993), I dont know exactly why he would use them, he said "I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders while in Texas", no A-Rod that was evil stares from the good ol Texans asking, "Why are we paying frosted tips so much?"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time For Dunleavy To Go

You suck, you can't coach the players you have because you dont understand them, you are a terrible coach, you have gotten fired from every coaching job you have ever had because your players wind up hating you at the end. I dont know who you are kidding, the Clippers are a joke and they need a shake up from top to bottom. I can't believe it, its embarrassing to even watch the debacle that is Clippers basketball, Clipper Darrell, thats who your mascot is, Clipper Darrell. I am going to list the top 5 basketball programs in Los Angeles: 1) Lakers 2)UCLA 3) USC 4) Westchester High School 5) Clippers.

Complete Waste Of Money

Elton is a homie and a great guy, but he will never be the same after tearing his achilles and now hurting his shoulder. Why would the Sixers spend that kind of money(5yr $80 million)on a guy with a bad wheel. I dont know but he sure hasnt been worth the money. It dont matter because he is laughing straight to the bank with it.

Messed Around And Got A Triple Double

If it seems like I really like LeBron James because all I do is post about him, then maybe you passed the 5th grade. If he wouldn't break a record or do something spectacular EVERY SINGLE NIGHT then I would write about someone else, but this young man is amazing. He went to the Garden 2 days after Kobe put on his show, and dropped 52pts 11assts 10 rebs and had 20 in the 1st!!!!!!!! The Knicks needed every point as well, they only won by 5, 107-102. Unlike when Kobe stepped in the loyal Knick fans were rooting against LeBron(being that he is the reason the Knicks are sooo bad, so they can save $$$ to pay him in 2010)and pulling for their team. I think the Knicks are going to tell LeBron they replace the Statue of Liberty with a statue of him, last I heard they were offering LeBron ownership to become a Knick. All I have to say is LeBron is the best in the game PERIOD!!!!!

LeBron, Youngest To Score 12,000 Points

LeBron reached another milestone in his short but HOF career, he became the youngest player to score 12,000 points. He had 33 7 and 4 assts last night against the lowly Raptors including an emphatic block of Chris Bosh's baseline dunk. LeBron is a monster and can't be stopped by anyone, Kobe thinks he plays great D on LeBron but if he made LeBron mad, Bron Bron would give Kobe 40(as he did last year at Staples Center, scoring 14 in the 4th to outduel Kobe 41-27 and the W). So LeBron is off to the Garden tonight to try and break Kobe's record(which was an amazing performance by the way)and to here the chants of, "We want LeBron", you all know Jigga and his boo will be sittiing front and center.

2nd Dont Drop The Soap Award Goes To......

Barrrrry Bonds ladies and gentlemen I have nothing to say about this guy, but his 2003 urine tests all of a sudden came back positive(amazing isnt it). 7 Gold Gloves and 4 MVP's before he started juicing.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Roger Clemens DNA Found In Syringes

Can you say, "don't drop the soap", or bye bye Hall of Fame? Roger Clemens and his stance on, "I have never used performance enhancing drugs", are kinda taking a turn for the worst. The syringes that Brian MacNamee turned in to federal investigators, had Clemens' DNA and blood all over them. I dont know why Macnamee would keep syringes, but now that he has and he made himself to be the one who wasnt lying, I am sure he has his middle finger stuck up high to all those who doubted him a defamed his character. I think its funny how all of the guys who denied it are all getting popped, Rafael Palmiero, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens, and Barry Bonds its comedy and due diligence. I dont feel sorry for Roger, he shouldve came clean like Pettite did and he wouldnt be branded as he is now, a liar. So Roger all your records, achievements, World Series championships, and legacy have all been tarnished and ruined, and you know the reporters that hated you are going to have a field day with this. Your son who is trying to make it in the pros will always be questioned if he starts doing good, wow Roger great job. Way to completely ruin yourself. The truth shall set you free.

Jameer Nelson Tore His Labrum

Jameer Nelson tore his labrum last night against the Mavs, if he has surgery he will be out for the season, or he has the option of rehabbing it so he can still play this season. That was a nasty injury Lil J I think you should get surgery and come back next year. Congrats on being named an All Star though. I think Hedo will step in and handle it for you.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Like Jordan In The Garden...Kobe Drops 61

Ok, everyone knows I am not a Kobe fan, but there is no denying that he is one of my favorite players to watch on the court. He dropped 61 tonight against the Knicks in a ho hum fashion, after scoring 34 in the first half, he dropped 27 in the second and had the Knicks fans booing and canting,"MVP, MVP" alike. Pau had a double double with 33 and 17 as well. I give it to Knicks fans though, they may boo you and cuss you out, but if you put on a performance as Kobe did, they applaud you, the true essence of fans, loyal but respectful. If LeBron had done something like that in LA the Laker fans wouldve booed instead of appreciating what he had just done. So many shout outs to the Knick fans who gave Kobe a well deserved standing ovation as he exited the court. Kobe Bean Bryant is one of the greatest to ever lace them up, and he showed why today, all of Wilt's records will never be touched, and every basketball player knows that, but to go for Jordan;s records is very impressive. Not quite Jordan but just as entertaining to watch. Kudos to Kobe aka Jack Bauer(24).

Bobby Knight To Coach Georgia

3 words: Don't do it.

I know he is a HOF coach, but his ways with the Generation Z kids wont work. Stay at ESPN Bob. Look at the shorts he made his players wear.

Larry Fitzgerald Is The Best WR In The Game

Nobody does it better, even though his team lost Lar Fitzgerul, was a beast last night, he took over in the 4th quarter scoring 2 touchdowns and almost had the game winning TD (if his team only had some D)he wouldve definitely been the MVP. We dont know that much about Lar because he plays for the Cardinals, and they have been, for lack of a better word, garbage, until they hit a hot streak this year. If Leinart is QB next year the Cardinals wont win 6 games, sorry ok, getting back to what I was saying, Lar Fitzgeral is a monster and if you took the best traits of every great WR from the past and put it in 1 man, you have Larry Fitzgerald. He is the LeBron James of WR bottom line. I hope Lar Fitzgeral and Anquan stay a tandem for a while and they get a QB with an arm because I think this is Warner's last year.

Michael Phelps Apologizes For Keeping It Real

Michael Phelps got a pic taken of him smoking weed, a bong to be exact. My response to that is WHO CARES, its not like he is the only athlete smoking weed, plus he is a huge Lil Wayne fan, onto the next subject.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

LeBron is GOD!!!!!!!!

I had to remind you guys once again, this seasons MVP.

Great Job Kobe...Bynum Hurt Again

Stop me if you have heard this one before, "Bynum hurts his knee against the Memphis Grizzlies", I know I know it sucks and it was all Kobe's fault, lol. No, I am kidding but damn if you guys dont believe their is basketball Gods ask Bynum and in about 5 years Kobe(when he doesnt get another ring). I think the basketball Gods are gettting the Lakers back for having 2 all stars in the post. I dont know what is up, but the Lakers wont win anything without Bynum in the lane, Pau(means "soft" in the King's Spanish)and Lamar Odom is getting stoned all the time. Thank god Ariza is healthy. I am a die hard Laker fan and all I have to say to this is Kobe had a championship team and won 3 but...anyways you know the rest, Michael NEVER lost a Finals

Rusell Westbrook Should Get NBA R.O.Y.

Ok, when I first saw this kid, I was like,"Who is he" and "Leuzinger"(his high school)and when Darren Collison went out his soph year with an ankle injury at UCLA, Westbrook stepped up and played solid, kept them in the hunt and played a significant role in their Final 4 run. Then I was in the UCLA gym the summer before his 2nd and final year and saw he had dedicated himself and came in beasting, I told someone in the gym, he was the best player in the gym, minus KG and Emeka Okafor. Arron Afflalo guarded him one game that summer and Russell scored EVERY SINGLE POINT in that game to show he was the big dog. Boy did he show it, he had a highlight film season and Coach Howland let him go and Russell went from,"Russell Who" to "There He Go". He is now playing for the(WNBA name)Oklahoma City Thunder and having a breakout season teaming up with Kevin Durant and jeff Green. I know he is playing in relative obscurity in Oklahoma but he is going to be a SUPERSTAR in the NBA. Remember I said it first.

Steelers Win, Greatest SB ever.....maybe

Yes, first Obama and then the first coach to win a Championship in '09 is coached by none other than, Mike Tomlin. Yes, we can and yes we did. A black man is President and a Super Bowl champion, but they arent smart enough to coach football in NCAA, something doesnt add up, but Im not going to go there. So yes, the Steelers are champs and they beat the Arizona Cardinals. It was a game of defense and a lack thereof in the 4th quarter. Larry Fitzgerald showed he was unstoppable and a true superstar(guarantee he gets more pub than Santonio Holmes who was named MVP by the way)and deservedly so. Getting back to the game Roethlisberger came through again in the clutch and eeked out another Super Bowl. Santonio was MVP