Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hey Rookie...You Gotta Pay Your Dues.

Dez Bryant, wow, when you said you weren't doing WHAT EVERY SINGLE ROOKIE HAS DONE SINCE THE NFL STARTED, all the vets shrugged it off and knew that you just dug yourself a bigger hole. So here is the scenario, Roy Willaims goes to Dez after practice and says, "Dinner on you Rook?" and Dez replies, "Yeah I got you", Roy turns to the team in the locker room and yells, "Dinner on the Rookie!!!!" The team then shows up at Pappas Bros Steakhouse in Dallas, and orders everything on the menu. With the final tab coming in a little south of the $55,000 range. See what happens Dez, when you think you are bigger than the NFL it comes back and bites you on the butt. If you just would've carried his pads you would've saved yourself $55,000. SMH

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Melo Wants To Get Traded...Duh

Carmelo Anthony wants to get traded, because he doesnt feel that JR Smith and Kenyon Martin are good teammates. I dont blame him, but once again GO TO CHICAGO!!!!!!! Don't make the same mistake your friend LeQueen did by choosing the glitz and glamour. I think Chicago is a big enough market(Michael Jordan) to make a lot of money. MJ doesn't really cast a shadow because every Chicago fan knows that there will never be another, word to my brother, MJ. Melo be smart and go to Chicago but tell them not to trade Noah, or Rose.

LeBron Is Giving Her Half

Um yeah, so LeBron is trying to make up for all the flack he's been taking for being a COWARD, I wouldnt say traitor or anything like that because besides having the best record in the League for the past two seasons and as many rings as the people reading this. He didnt have anyone to help him in the playoffs. You know he really didnt need help after what he did to the Pistons in 07, but nonetheless my point:He could've gone to Chicago and won MORE with them then he will with the Heat. And the point of this article: He is giving his baby momma half of everything by proposing to her(if this is true). So LeBron made two of the smartest decisions of his life this summer. I guarantee you Savannah gave him an ultimatum since he chose "Souf Beach".

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Party People I'm Back

Sorry for the long hiatus, I have been getting my mind and self right. All of my equipment got stolen and Im back on my feet now. So Maybachs and Jumpshots will be back in full effect. Here we gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo