Tuesday, September 30, 2008

LeBron:Championship or Bust

LeBron James will be MVP this season, yes I said it. LeBRON JAMES WILL BE MVP THIS SEASON!!!!!! When God made LeBron he/she said, Im putting you on earth for one reason and one reason only. He is the Chosen 1 and that is why he has it scribed across his back. He helped Team USA win a gold this summer in China, and was the leader of the team by example and by telling people what to do and where to go. LeBron is a walking triple double and will soon show people why they need to stop talking about Kobe Bryant. LeBron didnt need the help of 3 potential All Stars to get to the Finals, albeit he came out the East and got swept by the Spurs, what he did was still amazing.  LeBron once it is all said and done will either take the crown or share it with his Airness.  Sorry Kobe, you will never win a ring without Shaq and we all know this, LeBron is King of the NBA.

Lane Kiffin Fired

Al Davis the haggard, senile, maverick owner of the Raiders has fired Lane Kiffin. I dont know why he did this, since Kiffin was the only coach dumb and smart enough to work for Davis. He was 5-15 in his stint with the team, and alot of it wasnt his fault, he has a 2nd year QB and a rookie RB, he has a great defense, but if the team scores 7 and you score 0, you are going to lose every single time. Kudos to Lane Kiffin for staying the course and knowing that the end was inevitable. All good Lane, you will bounce back, and the Raiders are the road kill of the NFL.

Josh Howard-I Dont Even Have A Catchy Title For Him

How do you spell dumb, ignorant, and very conceited? Oh I think I just did, now I am not condoning that NBA players smoke weed, but I have absolutely nothing against it. Now with that being said, I don t understand how Josh Howard ratted everyone of his peers out by saying, "I use marijuana in the offseason, and alot of my friends in the NBA do as well."  REALLY?!? Wow Josh and then you get caught for drag racing in NC, and then then to put the cherry on things, you disgrace the National Anthem and give a bs half hearted apology, saying it was completely out of character. Um no Josh, you just got caught and now you are doing whatever you can to stay in Dallas, because we all know Mark Cuban is the best owner in the NBA. You are a great player Josh, do yourself a favor and hire a publicist or a manager to help rebuild your image.

Manu Had Plenty Of Time To Get His Wheel Fixed

Manu Ginobili has said that after surgery he will be out for 25-30 games. Wait didn't he play in the Olympics on a bum wheel? And didnt the Olympics end in August? Why would he wait until 2 weeks before training camp to get surgery? Now with this being said, I think the Spurs are done, they won't win the Championship this year or for a very long time. Manu is hurt, Tim is aging, and the only piece they have is Tony Parker and Im sure Eva will f**k his game up, so Spurs fans this is the beginning of the end. 

Tracy McGrady Says Shoulder Needs Surgery After Season

Thats great, Im sure that is exactly what the brass at the Rockets need to hear. So basically he is telling Rocket fans if he starts playing like crap, its all because of his shoulder. I like McGrady, I think if he had a little more dog in him, he would be in the talks with Kobe, LeBron, and would've been for years. Also if he didn't have a bad back he would've won MVP by now. Lets not forget how cold him and Vince could have been in T-Dot together, but Raptor fans wanted Vince instead, boy were they wrong. Hopefully McGrady can come back from this because the Rockets have squads, finally.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Gilbert Proposed To By His Lady

For some reason Gilbert said his swagger is too tough to ask a girl out, so he had a very smooth way of getting his girl to ask him to marry him. He wrote will you marry me on a note and had her read it out loud in front of friends and family. Gil is from LA and went to Grant High School he is the best basketball player from the Valley EVER. Top 10 from Los Angeles(talking about whole body of work). Hopefully he can get his knee fixed so he can make good on the 6 year $111 million deal he just got. I know he will, because when Gil is 100% there is not ANYONE IN THE LEAGUE THAT CAN F**K WITH DUDE. Dont forget he led the league in scoring in 05-06 30.8ppg, yes Kobe and LeBron were both in the league at the time.

NBA Training Camps start this week NBA preview coming!

I will post a blog tomorrow giving my reviews of this upcoming NBA season. Its gonna be funny and controversial, so make sure u stay tuned.

Clinton Portis Is The Man In DC.

Clinton Portis, seen here in the new ad from LRG, ran for 121 yards yesterday with 21 tocas as the Skins(Im a Cowboys fan)won(after Daniel Snyder spent billions and fired 9 coaches), Snyder is finally winning because he has a coach that knows if you want to win you have to give the ball to #26. Clinton Portis looks like he is back at the U the way he is cutting up NFL defenses. Clinton Portis is a special back, very special and has been since he was a freshman in college. He is a hard worker and brings it every Sunday, I love his characters in his press conferences, he is the man and another one of the lineage of great running backs from "The U"

New York Baseball Fans Should Get Refunds

I am a Yankee fan, I hate the Mets and the Dodgers(Im from L.A.) and the Angels. I ave been to Yankee Stadium, and have seen Shea. I think that every season ticket holder for both teams should A)Get a refund on last years season tickets, or B) get free season tickets this year. Why? Because how when the city and state granted both teams to move into brand new stadiums, do they BOF not make the playoffs. I mean there is no excuse you can give me how those 2 teams are not in the playoffs. 11 players on the Yankees make over $10 million and there is no post season. The Mets which stands for My Entire Team Sucks, fired Willie Randolph and went with the Pimp, Jerry Manuel. When you listen to him speak dont you think he needs to have a 6 inch pinkie nail, a perm, a cane and one of those cups.  Like when he gets mad he will just yell out, "Where my bitches".

Memphis Grizzlies Have Given Up Completely

Dear David Stern,
I am writing this letter to ask if there is anyway you can fine and or banish the Memphis Grizzlies due to their incredulous actions.  I honestly think they are going to be bottom dwellers on purpose with moves like signing Brent Petaway(get your money). I mean they gave the Lakers Pau Gasol for a box of condoms and free weekend at the local Motel 6, and now they are saying they are in a rebuilding process, I think its more of a resuscitation process. I cant believe I am writing this to you Mr Stern, you don't care because we all know the Memphis Grizzlies are the NBA's tax write off. Its abominable how horrible they are and you let them meander at the bottom of the heap just so they can collect on the hard work and tradition of others. Brent Petaway!  O.J. Mayo is going to avg 29 shots a game and Rudy Gay will shoot 35 times a game. They are horrible and its not even going to be basketball when they travel, you might as well let WNBA teams play, because to me the Grizzlies are a step above all the Dudes on the Detroit Shock. Holla

The Boss

Hey L.T. Glad To See You Made It To Oaktown

L.T. glad to see you finally made it to a game this season. You finally showed up against the Raiders and there nasty (good) D. 20 tocas 106 yards(albeit 1 toca went for 41) 2 TD's. Im glad to see you are back. Hopefully your toe(really)wont keep you out of the playoffs since a TORN ACL DIDN'T KEEP RIVERS OUT!!!!

This Sucks

Richard Collier of the Jacksonville Jaguars was shot 14 times on Sept 2 while waiting outside of the PJ's in Jacksonville, Fla. I don't want to talk mess, because due to the shooting he is paralyzed from the waist down and and had his leg amputated. Say prayers for him

Really USC?!?!?!?!

Really USC?!?!?!?!?!!? I mean come on. Oregon St, why do you always have problems with those guys are they that good? Can I just say one thing, Pete Carroll, you are a great coach even though you have choked the past couple of years, do me 1 favor, PLAY STEFON JOHNSON MORE!!! Please, watch the game tape, and make Joe McKnight, Marshall Faulk please. Stefon Johnson is the man you want in the backfield. Oregon St. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!?!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every year Pete Carroll you trick it off, every year, Vince Young(before he said he wanted to kill himself), John Booty(he was the best player for the other team), STANFORD?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!? Stanford? Stanford(picture the Allen Iverson "practice" interview), we talkin bout Stanford y'all, Stanford?

UH-OH T.O. might be worse than Yoko Simpson

Here we go we all knew it was only a matter of time. All coaches say winning always quiets the problems, and losing brings them all out. And boy if they weren't lying. Here is our fav receiver(kinda)getting mad again no one is playing in his sandbox. I have all the toys but no one wants to play with me, with his bottom lip all puckered out. T.O. you are cold homie, C.O.L.D., maybe the G.O.A.T., but come on, "I was running my routes and the ball wasn't there". REALLY!!!! T.O. YOU HAVE 13 PRO-BOWLERS ON YOUR TEAM!!!!!! And your running back and tight end were Pro-Bowlers along with your QB(who is making me a believer), so lets see that is 2 other guys that need the ball as well can you pause for a sec. I think you are one of the greatest WR's to lace them up, top 5 easy, but you gotta just play the season out and not worry about trying to break Randy Moss' record. You will have 15-18 TD's this year and if you catch them all-cough-end zone yesterday-you may get 20-22. So just go out there and play football, but you love attention, so we all know what's coming.  

Favre still has it

Brett Favre threw for 6 TD's yesterday in the thrashing of the Cardinals, I guess the DB's for the Cardinals didnt get the memo, FYI-Brett Favre has he most passing TD's in NFL history. He has passed for 5 TD's 3 times, but this was his first time throwing 6. So much for this being the"new look" Cardinals.

...On a real note, prayers go out to Anquan Boldin for taking a menacing hit in the last quarter while trying to catch a touchdown pass. 

Welcome to the blog

Hey all this is your boy, "The Boss" checking in with you guys for the first time to thank you guys for checking my site and to lay the disclaimer that all of the entries in my blog are pure speculation. They are in no means a way to impugn, slander, discredit, or hate on any of the individuals in this post. Its all fun and hey to all my league associates, step your game up, dont come out the club with a buzzard when you got wifey at home and get mad at me when I have it posted.  Im into sports more than anything and my blog will show you that. There might be some entertainers on here, but I'll leave that to Perez, tmz, bossip, and all the rest to handle that, on this site its purely sports and Lil Wayne lol.