Monday, October 13, 2008

Tommy Bowden Fired

So. Clemson football has always been a facade, looks great but once it gets rolling, you are like WOW they are terrible. Always have the most amazing athletes on paper and they have had a couple of first rounders in his time, but after being ranked #9 to start the season and every single sports publication saying it was Clemson's year, they got thrawlupped by Alabama and have lost to everyone that mattered this season. Sorry Tommy, you dont have a legacy at Clemson.

P.S. Tommy Bowden's daughter is a lil slut bag, Im not gonna show you guys her pic(I have some decency)just type in Tommy Bowden on Google and go to images, you will be very happy.

Tony Romo Out, Cowboys Are Soft!!!!!!!

Tony Romo is out for a month because he broke is pinkie(didnt Brett Favre play with a broken hand? just asking)and he will be sidelined while Brad Johnson(who) takes the snaps. Tony Romo to me has been playing like a punk lately and whenever there is pressure on him he folds like a wet kleenex. I dont understand how the Cowboys feel that the NFL owes them the Superbowl, and after Pacman's antics I dont think this team will ever recover. Well Tony at least you have Jessica's twins to rest your head on . 4-2 in 3rd place of their division, looks like the Hard Knocks special that you guys did was a farce, about as real as Jessica Simpson's singing career.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tim Tebow's Lady

OMG Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no way he is saving himself for marriage with that on his arm

Tim McCarver Needs To Shut Up

Wow Tim I guess you havent learned since Deion Sanders doused you with an ice bucket twice for saying he was being selfish for playing a football game the same day as a baseball game. Now you are talking mess about Manny Ramirez, saying his act in Boston was despicable and shameful. Wow who are you again Tim? I know you played in the major leagues but its not the same MLB anymore, Im sure your whole team combined didnt make what Manny makes in one year, that doesnt mean you have to hate. Manny Ramirez is the best baseball player playing today and maybe ever(did David Ortiz do anything significant since Manny left?)he makes the guys in front of him and behind him in the lineup much better. He single handedly turned the Dodgers season around by putting up amazing numbers. And for Tim McCarver(who once again)to say anything before he calls the game to me is tasteless and embarassing. No one cares what you think, and I hope the Red Sox play the Dodgers(aka Dodyers or Doyers to my esse's)and Manny does what he always does and GOES OFF, isnt he the ALL TIME HR LEADER IN THE POST SEASON? Oh yeah, he is. Isnt he 2nd ALL TIME IN HITS IN AN LCS? Oh yeah he is. Doesnt HE GET PAID $20 MILLION A SEASON? Oh yeah, he does. IS HE WORTH IT? You gotdamn right he is, and to me I think he is getting under paid. Has anyone seen A-Rod after September(pit sound of crickets here)? Manny is the best baseball player ever, how bout them apples. No one will remember how many fly balls he caught or bases he didnt run hard to, they will check the stats and see he is on top of every category that matters and has 2 rings in tow.

Bill Walker Intorduces Himself To The NBA

OMG!!!!!!!!! Wow Bill Walker seems to be 100%, I have been keeping tags on this kid since he was a high school teammate of Ovinton J' Anthony Mayo (O.J. Mayo). They won 2 state titles together before the OHSAA found out Bill Walker was 23 as a senior(lol jk he was 19 and his eligibility was up)and thats when he went to K-State as Bob Huggins first top tier recruit(he had another but Im going blank as to who that was--Michael Beasley). Bill "Sky" Walker tore his ACL within the first 7 games of his freshman year and had to redshirt the rest of the season. And last year with Mike Beasley taking all the shots Bill still averaged 15 points on a bad knee. Its good to see him back to his high school days.

This Just In--Pacman Won't Be Disciplined

Well aint this grand, I dont know what happened so I cant comment on the siutation Im going off of reports. All I know that he got into a fight in a hotel in Dallas during some Ludacris movie premier. And isnt it fishy that the Cowboys Pro Bowl DB, Terrance Newman, is out for 6 weeks with a sports hernia. Now with that being said, if Newman wasnt hurt Pac would be kickin rocks. Its funny and admirable how much of a G Jerry Jones is, he stands by his players and he is the Malcolm X of NFL owners, win by any means necessary, and he is rich so what are you really going to tell him. We'll see how long this lasts. Go Cowboys.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pacman Is The Dumbest Person Ever

Great Pacman, how stupid are you. You will never ever ever ever play in the NFL again. Who do you think you are? I have no sympathy for you. None. You are an embarrassment to yourself, your family, and all those that stood up for you and put their reputations on the line. I mean Im so sick and tired of these fools that say, "I'm from the hood". Who cares? Honestly the hood aint nothing to glamorize, getting out and making a career for yourself by playing a game is something I'd rather be known for than being from the hood. Now being hood Pacman is going to get you back there. I cant believe the stupidity and ignorance. I dont want to hear he is a product of his environment. Thats a load of crap, there are other guys on the Cowboys that come from the same situation Pacman came from. Im tired of hearing that. He is lost and hard headed, I see why so many owners are reluctant to pay these guys all this money. Its a waste, I could tell the insincerity in his letter to the Commissioner when he was reading it. My blog is pro athlete ok, I am not a guy trying to bash and say crazy stuff about athletes to cause a buzz, I am in their corner, but Pac I am washing my hands of you. You are in the OJ category now and how bad do you think you will get crucified tomorrow by everyone. Lucky you guys are winning. This isnt the 1st or 2nd time, its the 7th and the last incident you got into almost got someone killed and left a man paralyzed. You are a football player Pac, thats it, you obviously arent a good thug because the good ones dont get caught. If you get kicked out the league I give 5 years before you are in jail. And I hate to say that because you are a helluva talent, but you need to find God and really do something about your attitude. You need to get a wife to calm your dumbass down. Good riddens Pac, its over for you.

Mr Quiet Is A Thug

Wow, Marvin Harrison. I have one question. Why wouldnt you have some of your homies handle the guy who claims you shot him instead of doing it yourself? I mean you are from Philly and live in Philly, Im sure you could've had one of your homies handle him for a free car wash(the one you own)and a cheese steak from Geno's. Now you got people who say they say you fight him and said you guys got into an argument. And then to top it all off they found the gun that the bullets came from at your property. Man oh man, professional athletes need to figure out they are targets especially by haters. They want all you have and if they cant have it they dont think you should have it. So fellas I know you have to stay in touch with the hood(i.e. Pacman Jones), but Marvin you are a dont let some hater get you like that. Im sure all the dude wants is hush money so pay him off and make sure you dont find yourself in situations like that.

G.O. Destroys........In The Preseaon...Against The Kings

In 20 min of action last night G.O. had a really good game and looked bulked up after rehabbing the whole year last year. The Blazers blew out the (soft in the middle) Kings last night in an exhibition and it was G.O.'s first game since he got drafted #1 in 2007. His first points were an emphatic dunk on Spencer Hawes, and he pretty much had his way with him the whole night. I havent been a big fan of G.O. since he was in hs and while at OSU I think he traveled every single time he touched the ball and the only game that impressed me was the Nat'l Championship game vs Florida and they got blown out even though he held his own. I think the Blazers are going to surprise a lot of people this year and have a helluva hoop squad, watch out Western Conference them Blazers are back.

Elgin You Lost Over 1,100 Games

Bo Kimble, Michael Olowakandi, Danny Ferry, Joe Wolf, Benoit Benjamin, LeRon Ellis, Terry Dehere, Brian Skinner, are some of the bad mistakes Elgin Baylor has made in his tenure as the GM of the Clippers. I mean they have been cellar dwellers since he became GM, and really haven't made an effort to be good until the brass at the Staples Center told the Clippers management that if they dont start doing something about their ways they won't renew their lease because they feel they can throw 5 concerts and make the same as the Clippers do in one season. So since 03-04 the Clippers have been trying, and only having one good season in 05-06 and then it was back to the doldrums. Albeit injuries hurt them after that great playoff run, still they have been terrible for years and years prior. Elgin needed to step down because the game had passed him by in all facets. He enjoyed sitting courtside and eating popcorn and getting his face on the jumbotron every now and then. Elgin go out quietly and honorable because you are a legend and you dont want your image tarnished by the Clippers, you are a and you are 74, chill out and spend some of that money the Clippers were giving you for losing. Your resume is not a good one and you lost 1135 games to be exact while you were the GM so you really have no argument and you don't want them airing out your dirty laundry, so take it like a man and realize the game has passed you by.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Opie Has A Stalker

Luke Walton has a stalker. I dont know why, but he does and this crazy girl(not the one pictured, that is his main chick) had pulled up next to him in his car and fired fake gun shots at him with her finger. She has been on him since last year sometime and has been spotted at his house numerous times. She has vandalized his property and camped outside of his house because he didn't sign an autograph. Well Wheat I dont know what to say but have the tweezers ready because this year you will be picking splinters.

Finally Reggie

Reggie Bush put on a show last night and its about damn time. I know the NFL is a man's league and not the Pac 10, but come on give me something Reg. Last night against Adrian Peterson and the Vikings Reggie had 269 all purpose yards including 2 punt returns for TD's becoming the 12th NFL player to do that in a game. The Saints lost the game at home on Monday Night Football and it was because of turnovers and great defense by Antoine Winfield. Reggie Bush has caught a lot of slack for not being a overpowering up the middle type running back, he is an outside rusher a screen play running back. I dont think Reggie will ever be an Adrian Peterson type running back, but I do think he will be Reggie Bush and if used as a Marshall Faulk type back he will become worthy of the 2nd pick that he was.

Kurt Warner Is A True Teammate

I have never ever heard of a player retiring because he caused(inadvertently)the injury of another. That just shows you that not all athletes think me first. Against the Jets last weekend in the 4th quarter the Cards were down 3 touchdowns with under 2 minutes to play, and Warner found the best receiver in the game(sorry T.O., Randy, Plax,)Anquan Boldin open for a TD, when he threw it, Boldin got hit in the head by 2 charging Jet defenders and looked like he had broken his neck, albeit was a sinus fracture that hit still gives me chills. Kurt Warner texted his wife after the game and told her he was going to retire because Boldin's injury was all his fault and could've been avoided. He said he was thisclose to retiring, but decided after he heard Boldin would be ok he rethought his idea and came back and led the Cards to a victory over the undefeated Bills. Not too many guys would've even cared about their teammate getting hurt let alone contemplate retirement. Wow goes to show you that Jesus walks with Kurt Warner.

Monday, October 6, 2008

D Wade Leaning Towards Staying In M.I.A.

Dwyane Wade said that he doesnt want to leave Miami, he says he wants to retire there. They have a lot of building to do before that proves to be true, even though it is Miami, no player especially the franchise player, wants to go through a 15-67 or anything close to that.  D. Wade showed out this year in the Olympics and the world saw that he was back at 100%. He came off the bench and was one of the top scorers on the team. He has a better team this year with Shawn Marion and Michael Beasley picking up the slack, but with no center or no pg, the Heat will be lucky to win 30 games.  Good luck D. Wade and the Bulls have your jersey waiting for you in 2010.

The Titans Are 5-0

What?!? The Titans are 5-0 for the first time ever. They uglied out a win vs the Baltimore Ravens and their stingy defense yesterday, minus the fights between teams and between teammates. They managed to win without their QB Vince "5150" Young, who has returned to the team but since he doesnt want to study the playbook he is the 3rd stringer. That Titans D is unbelievable and young, so they should be this good for a long time. Hopefully they will figure out that they need a real QB and try to trade Young for a real QB or one that can read a playbook. 

Westbrook Hurt Again

Brian Westbrook is one of the coldest running backs in the NFL, he is like a tougher Marshall Faulk. After hurting his ankle he was a gametime decision, he played yesterday though and had a TD. During that game he fractured 3-4 ribs and could be out for a very long time. I hope he is ok and the one thing about the NFL, its not always the best team wins, usually the healthiest. So the Eagles are 2-3 and now without 48% of their offense and scoring they might be in for a long season until he comes back.

Cowboys Played Good Enough To Win

T.O. only caught 2 passes, 1 was a 57 yd TD, in a 31-22 win and Romo got lucky in the end for the Boys to rebound after getting punched in the mouth by the Redskins. Jason Witten, Marion Barber, and (R.O.Y) Felix Jones carried the load for the Cowboys. The Bengals(0-5) gave a valiant effort after the Cowboys scored 17 points on their first 3 possesions. The Bengals were down 17-6 at half and then they forced Tony Romo to go cry in Jessica's boobs before he kinda got lucky in the 4th. Chad Ocho Cinco didnt do much and TJ Houshmazilli(Houshmandzadeh) had 2 TD's. Carson Palmer looked ok but you could tell his elbow was bothering him. I dont know Bengals, I think its time to let Chad Johnson go(even though he has led the AFC in receiving yards the past 4 seasons)and try his show in a city that would embrace him instead of saying he is a distraction. 

Is Eli Taking Big Bro's Thunder?

Ok, I know for a fact that I was the only one that had Eli Manning's back since the day he got drafted. I told many of friends that Eli would win a Super Bowl and boy oh boy was I standing on top of the "I told you so" hill, after last years Super Bowl. Now Eli may remind you of Opie a little bit and may have lost his virginity on his wedding night this summer, but nonetheless he is a Manning and to me has been better than Peyton since the beginning of last year. I mean Peyton gets all the credit for being the greatest QB in the NFL, but since he won the Super Bowl in 06(07 actually but the 06 season)he really hasnt been looking that good. Now Eli on the other hand blew out the Seahawks(they should never leave the Pacific Northwest)44-6 and he did it with out his best WR. The Giants are 5-0 and to me they look unbeatable, they just find a way to keep winning. Eli the better of the the moment.

Clinton Portis Is My MVP For The First 5 Weeks

Man oh man is CP killing people. 29 tocas 145 yards 1 TD, he ran through the Eagles and their vaunted run defense. Of course the Skins won and now they are 4-1 which leaves them in 2nd place behind the Giants in the NFC East. I dont know who has had a better 5 weeks than CP, all I know is that Jim Zorn has a brain and is using CP to the fullest. 

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mr. Glass To The Heat

Why? Ok Im not gonna hate, because I was the President of the Shaun Livingston fan club and when he went down with that injury, I honestly was sick. He is an amazing passer and has a knack for the little things in basketball. Pretty much stuff you can't teach. But we all thought his career was over when that injury happened in 07(I'm not gonna post the video, too brutal). Im glad to see he is back and hopefully he can get back to his old self. Shaun they have great restaurants in Miami, the only 2 places you should be is in the gym and at a restaurant. 

Friday, October 3, 2008


Laker fans(as I am 1, but not delusional)please please please please stop, ok, just stop. Stop reading J.A. Adande's  lame articles about how he thinks Bynum and Kobe might be a better tandem than Shaq Kobe. Ok stop. When Shaq and Kobe were together they won 3 rings(in a row) ok so stop. Kobe had it good with the BEST CENTER TO EVER PLAY THE GAME(sorry Hakeem, and Kareem)and just to get back to the Finals do you see the firepower he needs with (scr)Odom, Pau(means soft in Spanish), and now Bynum. Come on people, do I think the Lakers will win it all? I hope, but the NBA is a long season and injuries and attitudes always come in to play. Im glad to see Bynum back, but Im not planning a parade down Figueroa just yet, lets talk come June and dont forget LeBron has a little help and for him all he needed was for someone to score 17 pts a game so he can rest in the 3rd. Bynum is a beast but hey everyone is a beast in October ask Mike Olowakandi.

I Wouldn't Want Him Either

Contrary to early reports that dealt Jamaal Tinsley of the Pacers to the Nuggets for Chucky Atkins(he is still in the league???)and Steven Hunter(???????), the Nuggets brass said the report is "erroneous". I don't blame them, the Nugs didn't want to have the all 420 back court(AI and Melo) so they were like ummmmmm no, we don't want to be known for our players to have nuggets we want them to be known as  the Nuggets(corny I know). Anyways the Pacers need to do something to shake things up because Danny Granger is just wasting his life on that team. And I guarantee besides Danny Granger and Mikey D Jr, David Stern couldn't name another player on the Pacers

The Baddest Chick In The Game

Candace Parker I would drink your bath water. I would do anything you needed like for real. So fine, so fine and tall and beautiful. You can dunk, you can hoop, you look like a woman(unlike 85% of the WNBA)and you are a better basketball player than your future man(someone please tell me Sheldon Williams doesn't look like Yoda). I have to say congrats to you for winning the WNBA's MVP and R.O.Y.(Rookie of the Year for you lames), you are a great basketball player and when its all said and done might be the best ever(Maya Moore from UConn might beg to differ). I just want to congratulate you and when you come to your senses and leave that wilderbeast of a fiance come holla at the Boss.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Got Me A Moped...

Monta, Monta, Monta, ohhhhhhhhh man where do I begin. Why? Why? Why? I mean I understand celebrating your huuuuuuuuge pay raise with the homies, but on a moped bruh? I don't understand what you were thinking, but hey its all good at least you are ok and will make a full recovery. Now the Warriors and your agent are discussing what your fine is going to be due to the fact your pretty much threw a monkey wrench in your career and the plans of the Warriors. But Monta, the Lord works in mysterious ways so it might be a blessing in disguise. You will probably get fined 2-5 million dollars, depending on how mad the owners are, and then you will have to come back under the presumption that you bent the truth to save face. I feel you bruh, you were making about $750,000 last year and this year you will be making $11 million and you didn't want to mess that up. Its all good you will heal up and come back and destroy, from now on take it easy bruh, no one is bigger than a franchise.

Ben Gordon Gets No Love In The Chi

I don't know what the executives in the Bulls organization are smoking, but I need to get some of that. I don't understand how the leading scorer on your team for the past 3 seasons and the 6th Man of the Year as a rookie, still has to debate about a contract extension.  And then you guys overload your backcourt with D Rose, Hinrich, BG, Luol, Duhon, Sefolosha. All that makes no sense, BG has been killing since he came into the league and you offer him a 5 year deal last summer, but the no trade clause was not in there. I don't understand it and dont be surprised when BG has another breakout year and then bounces for real money and a team that really appreciates his services. In the immortal words of JR Smith "Pay me, play me, or trade me!" I feel for you Ben. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Out of 5150 to Titans Practice

Hey Vince how ya doin hun? Everything Ok? Are you strapped? Are you drunk? Ok check it the whole football world knows that since you single handedly destroyed USC in the Nat'l Championship game, you havent done, well pretty much anything.  Its not college where you can excel on pure athleticism, you have to use your brain(and after what you scored on the Wonderlic test), and I know thinking ahead of time isn't your strong point. You still have a chance Vince you still do, because once ESPN plays the highlights of you vs USC everyone's jaws drop and they are like why can't he do that in the NFL. Well the NFL is a man's game and they have defensive coordinators that are the smartest minds in football. You have to study, study, study ask Tom Brady, Peyton and Eli Manning. So Vince and your fragile emotional state we need you to stop being a brat and soft and take what life gives you, because life isnt fair sometimes. So when you come back, be seen and not heard like a Japanese kid. Best of luck and put the guns away.

Phil Says Kobe Will Get Some Rest This Season

Ok, yeah Phil so instead of Kobe playing 38-40 min a game this year he will be playing 35-38 whoa big drop off. Now for as much as I think Kobe is a piece of sh** and maybe the lamest guy to ever put on a Laker uniform, there is absolutely no denying that he is one of the greatest to ever play. Im not gonna even talk about how he quits during decision games (Phx twice, and last years finals Game 6) I'm not. I am going to shine some light on Laker fans, Kobe is in his 13th season and he has played a lot of games in those 13 years, a lot. So(and I hate to say this)but you might see your Superman diminish and maybe get some knicks and scrapes this season. He is older and when Mike was in his 13th season he was 34. All Im saying is that no matter how young you were when you started it takes a toll on you. The NBA season is long and arduous and most guys say the travel kills them. Dont worry Kobe will still avg 27+ppg and will be first team All NBA, All-Star, All-Defensive, and all the other accolades he usually gets, but unlike the past when he never had an off night, expect to see nights this season and more as he gets older, he just doesnt have it. He is still top 3 player in the league nonetheless, but its older Kobe and it will sneak up on him. 

I Forgot About This

Man oh man, I completely forgot about these 2 horses in the T-Dot. Ok J.O. and C-Bosh man oh man are they going to give the East a run for their money. So lets see with Calderon running the point(Olympics anyone?? He killed us) and Anthony Parker at the 2, and maybe maybe Bargnani at the 3(no D)or Jamario(remember the comedian Ja'Mario?lol)Moon or Hassan Adams, they might have a solid starting 5. If Sam Mitchell will get off his high horse and stop trying to prove to everyone how smart he is he might figure out his squad is pretty nice, not a championship contender(need another piece) but you never know. They have 2 (arguably)Hall of Famers in their frontcourt, and last time I checked Tim Duncan and D Rob won it by themselves ('99) running the high low. And J.O. nor Bosh is as soft as the Admiral so it might be able to work. We'll see in May how things are going because it all looks great in October.

L.O. Says Phil Jackson "Out of his Mind"

L.O. the only thing missing from your initials is the other "L'', because to me that is what you are. A laugh out loud type of guy who has the audacity to tell or even say, "Phil must've fell and bumped his head if he thinks that is going to happen."  Ok well let me see L.O. did you know that in June your team was in the Finals against the Celtics? I ask because I swear I didnt see you at all during the most important basketball of your career.  Yeah you know the one where you guys got embarrassed in Game 6. I don't know who you were guarding but whoever your assignment was you weren't doing your job. I just can't fathom how you would say anything about what Phil has to say about the betterment of the Lake Show. L.O. you haven't earned a penny of your contract(regular season doesn't mean jack), $14.1 million a year, please. It is all hype and has been since you began your career with the Clippers. I had high expectations when you came back to LA, I immediately imagined Pip MJ callabo, as you playing Pip and Kobe playing his Airness(never ever ever ever will be true), boy was I wrong, you are worried about going out and being seen on the scene in your whack Coogi gear. L.O. your next contract will be the Vets minimum unless you have a break out year. So do all the LA fans a favor, shut up, play ball and stay off the trees, and show up in the post season and if Ariza takes your spot(which should never happen)make the move graciously. Phil has 9 rings you have as many as me.

Warriors Try To Save Face And Say They Nixed Deal With BD

HAHAHAHAHA man The Warriors are a joke, like for real. They are trying to say that they had a deal in place to give BD the extension he wanted, but at the last minute they nixed it so thats why BD went to the Clippers. Eeeeehhhh(sound of wrong answer buzzer)try again Warriors. Lets be frank, you guys didnt offer BD jack, and his camp told you that if BD didnt get the extension he deserves after leading you guys to the Playoffs and maybe the biggest upset in the history of the NBA, they were gone. You guys being the uptight pricks that you are, thought no one is stupid enough to leave $17.8 mil on the table, um hi Warriors BD doesnt need another dime of NBA money he is a very smart player and is great with his money and his business savvy. So at the last minute you guys received his walking papers and were in complete shock and yes he left the money on the table and came to the Clippers for $70 million not the $65 that has been reported. So I understand you guys are trying to spin this so you can look good and if BD gets hurt, but I have some news, BD is in the best shape he has ever been in and will kill with the Clippers this year. And Warriors tell Monta to stay off the mopeds and tell Stack Jack Soo Woo and Dada Dooo

UH-OH Portland G.O. Can't Go

Just what we need, another Mr Glass in the middle for Portland(R.I.P. Kevin Duckworth), Greg Oden sprained his ankle yesterday at The Blazers first practice, seemingly right before the media was let in to watch. Coach McMillian said Oden was going full speed in practice before the injury, but said he will be available for their second practice and practice in this morning. I think if Oden doesnt pan out and Kevin Durant keeps on killing like he has been, Kevin Pritchard needs to lose his job. I have never been sold on Oden, I mean he isnt a stiff, but I have never been like wow this guy reminds me of Shaq, The Dream, Patrick Yang(Ewing), David Robinson. When I watched him at OSU, besides him having a broken wrist(I'll give him that), he traveled every single time he got the ball(EVERY TIME), and he has not post moves, its turn travel and then jump and dunk. I dont ever thing Greg Oden will put up EB numbers(20-10), but if he can be a poor man's Andrew Bynum and avg 9 and 9 he will be ok, but I can be wrong.