Wednesday, July 8, 2009

McDyess To The Spurs

If this was 1998 I'd care. The Spurs get younger and with 1 guy add 100 years to their team avg age. He will play the last 30 games and the Playoffs.

Marcedes Lewis Camp

This guy is an amazing guy 100% stand up individual, I'd dunk on him but he played football, and low key is the most underrated TE in the League. Freak athlete that LIKES to block, you hear that Kellen Winslow??????

Ben Gordon And Charlie Villanueva To Pistons

And you are telling me this because?? Ok so now you have Rodney Stuckey, a combo guard along with Ben Gordon and scoring guard who doesn't know how to spell assist, along with Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Jason Maxiell, Charlie Villanueva, and an aging Anotnio McDyess. Wow Joe you have single handedly RUINED your team. You go up there with Isiah when you traded Chauncey Billups for 2 Big Mac's and a large fry. I mean how did the Allen Iverson experiment really work? Mike Curry????!!!!!!!? WTF??? He can't even speak English, that's why the team didn't like him, they were always like, "What he just say?", Come on Joe who did you draft this year?? Austin Daye, he weighs less than Tayshaun who is 87 pounds fully dressed and soaking wet with dumbells in his hand. Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe sometimes guys don't know when to step away from the game. And I almost forgot about Darko instead of Bosh, Wade, or Melo. End of story.

Sheed To The Celts

Hmmmm this could be really good or really bad. I love Sheed and have followed him since he was at Simon Gratz. I think he can give the Celtics 28-33 min a game and extend defenses, but how will he act when he is killing and coming off the bench. He will definitely be the 6th man. I think the East is going to be hell next year with the Magic, Cavs, Celts, gunning for that #1 spot. I think Sheed will help immensely, but I think the Celts get to the Finals this year without him. Still a great coup by the Celtics, it might be a re-match of 08.

R.I.P. Steve McNair

One of my favorite QB's ever(notice I didnt say black) I mean for this guy to play 1-AA College ball was a travesty to football fans everywhere. I remember he was so good that ESPN used to broadcast his games, Sports Illustrated had him on the cover saying, "Hand Him The Heisman", all this while leading Alcorn St to the 1-AA Finals. He avg'd 6!!!! TD's a game and then took his talents to the NFL and was 1yd away from winning the Superbowl. I can go on and on, but I will make it short and sweet for one of the greatest QB's to play the game.

NBA Gives Rockets Player Exemption For Yao

Who cares he's done, thanks Yao, but its over they built you wrong in China. And Ariza to the Rockets might be the biggest mistake of his life.

Ron Ron Is A Laker

Kobe said, "I dont think it makes us a better team." How lame is he I mean really? Ron Artest adds toughness and the "Hoodality" that those soft players need. Ok yes they won and I'm going to play devils advocate and bring up the "ifs" Game 2 Courtney Lee makes the tap in, Game 3 win, Game 4 Dwight Howard makes 1!!!!!!!!!!!! Free Throw, the series is 3-1 Orlando and then what? Kobe would've done what he always does when they lose in the playoffs, pout and give up(Game 5 Phoenix 06, Game 7 Phoenix 07, Game 6 Celtics 08). So dont go there Kobe, you know you are going to be the little brother when mom is there, act all tough when she is around to big bro and then not say a word when she is gone. You will probably start a fight and then go and run behind Ron Ron as a punk would. So getting out of Kobe's arrogant world and into the real one. The Lakers have made a huge statement and Kobe you can now act tough because your mom is around.