Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vince "Charmin Soft" Carter To Magic

If he stays healthy and doesnt cry it could work, but he is going to get abused by LeBron and Kobe and D Wade and every other tough 2 guard. Devin Harris, and Courtney Lee backcourt along with Brook Lopez holding down the paint. The Nets could be scary in 3-4 years, real scary. At least Vince is gone now there won't be puddles on team flights and in the locker room before games because Vince is so moist.

Jamal Crawford To The Hawks. So What

So Jamal Crawford to the Hawks because he couldn't play for Don Nelson. That is like saying, "I'm not happy I have too much money". I mean really Jamal Crawford you were playing for a coach who doesnt know how to spell defence and you couldnt get along with him. Wow, thats like not being happy because the only girls you sleep with are Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated models. So now you are going to have Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford in the back court, both of whom need the ball at all times, and Josh Smith and Marvin Williams. Wow Atlanta GET A POINT GUARD, thats what you get for passing on Chris Paul a guy who said he WANTED to play for you, a first.

Suns Setting On Amar'e

Wow move over Danny Ainge, there is a new Sheriff of Stupid and his name is (drumroll please) Steve Kerr. Hi, Shawn Marion you are just an All-Star so we are going to trade you because you want to show people why we pay you $17mil a season. Steve Nash it doesnt matter that you are 35 with ALL of your best years behind you, this is still YOUR team. Amar'e you have been a beast since you came into the league, and now we are tired of you being mad because you want to score 35 and grab 15 rebs a night like you did vs Tim Duncan and the Spurs in '05. We are tired of it, so as GM of the Suns I think its best we let you and Matt Barnes go along with Shaq because this draft is sooooooo enticing and we are hoping either LeBron, D Wade, Chris Bosh, or Dirk will come join our team in 2010, I highly doubt ANY of them will but I'm not worried because I know Robin Lopez can pick up the slack both you and Shaq are leaving. And I went to Arizona so I know basketball. The Suns are the new Clippers of the West, they will be in the lottery for the next 8-10 years.

Shaq To Cavs...Yawn, LeBron Is Still Gone

Ok so Shaq will be the only center to say he has won a ring with the 3 greatest guards in the NBA since Magic, Michael, and Larry retired. His first 3 with Kobe, His next with D Wade(should have been 2 if they both didn't get hurt in 05), and his latest with the King. Now, I know LeBron LOVES Shaq, but Shaq is going on 60 and LeBron is not even in his prime yet. Bron Bron wants to win now and once he sees how long he has to wait for Shaq to do what he has to do, he wont be happy. Shaq is only going to play 55-60 reg season games anyway. I love Shaq and wont ever say anything bad about him, but this trade should have happened last year.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Please Trade Rondo Danny Please!!!!!!!!

Ok and GM of the year goes to (drumroll please) Danny Ainge. Let me guess Rajon Rondo doesn't feel like he needs to take a backseat to aging stars like Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, or KG? Oh well, get over it, we had this same problem in LA and looked how that worked out(yeah 7 years later after Shaq should've won 2). So I say this dont let Rondo go, because there isn't another guard in the NBA that is a perfect fit for the Celtics than Rondo. Let him run his mouth and do what he wants because in 2 years HE will be the star of that team. Trade him to the Cavs.

The League: Richardson To Spurs For 3 Mules

The League: Richardson To Spurs For 3 Mules

Richardson To Spurs For 3 Mules

The Richard "RJ" Jefferson Project only lasted one season before they found out how sensitive he was and how heartbroken he was that he couldn't be playing with Devin Harris. He also didn't like being yelled at so Scott Skiles said enough and traded him for a Bruce Bowen, a Kurt Thomas, and a Fabricio Umberto(sounds like a shampoo company) all of whom are a combined age of 145 and are all on their last leg(last year of contract), hopefully they will all be put out of their misery when this upcoming season is over. Hopefully "RJ" will develop another man crush for Tony Parker and play like he did early in NJ when he had a good pg. That's TP at the 1 Manu at the 2 RJ at the 3 and Tim Duncan, it doesnt matter who the 5th person is. I see the West getting real interesting.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Ok, as much as I love Chad Johnson, I wish his wife(who is Cuban) would've helped him out with this. Chad Johnson the former is now known as Chad "Ochocinco", so basically he is saying that his name is Chad 85(not eighty five, but eightfive)instead of Chad 8-5, very weird and super hood. His name should read Chad Ocho-Cinco, wow gotta love that Pac 10 education. Bengals make noise this year.

The Other LA Team Is In The News

Yes, the worst thing about LA is the Clippers, they are always one of the if not the worst team in basketball every year. I mean its really hopeless, I feel bad for all of the careers Donald Sterling has ruined and how he finally got a practice arena(after almost 30 years of being in LA and practicing at high school gyms and junior colleges). I feel soooooooo bad for Blake Griffin, from coming from Oklahoma to going to a horrible franchise with the Clippers. Baron Davis is not going to be kicking it with you, Z-Bo is off rolling blunts, Camby is 50, Kaman wants to be traded, the only bright spots the Clips have is Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin, but they both are gone after Rookie deals are up. They need to fire Dunleavy and get a Paul Silas in there to turn a bunch of knuckle heads into at least a .500 team. So Blake Griffin enjoy this now because on June 24th your career is heading to an early end, not because you wont be good, its because you will be playing for the Clippers.

Lakers Bring It Back To The Left Coast

MVP, MVP, MVP, MVP, chants filled the streets as the Lakers and their MVP, Kobe Bryant, rolled down Figueroa for the Championship parade. As much as I dont like Kobe I have always given him his credit for being one of the baddest to ever lace them up, and he finally got his ring. After 7 tumultuous years since winning his last Kobe got his ring. My whole point is that he already had 3 with Shaq, why would he want to change that, I dont care about if you like him or not, that doesnt matter, your job is to come in and win not have feelings. Anyways he needed two 7 footers and Odom and Ariza to get his 4th when he had Shaq and 3. Anyways congrats to my favorite basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers